Are you a Wolfblood?

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Are you a wolfblood?

  • 1
    How do dogs react to you?
  • 2
    Do you like meat?
  • 3
    Do you often get mad? Even over little things?

  • 4
    Do you like parties?
  • 5
    How many friends do you have?
  • 6
    Imagine: You see a loved one getting beat up by a bully on the ground, what do you do?

  • 7
    Do you like pranks?
  • 8
    Do you like being in the woods?
  • 9
    Do you like swimming?
  • 10
    Are you good at sports?

  • 11
    How do you feel on full moons?
  • 12
    Last question: Do you hear/smell things that others can't?

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134 days ago
I got 50% wild wolfblood and ive known i was a wolf since i was born!

178 days ago
good, and is it as you wanted it to be, because if so, or if one wanted a higher percentage than it can be great to learn to properly master the talents of what you are. or just have fun in the wild. do you do so often?
186 days ago
im 50% wild wolfblood
290 days ago
I hope you havn't already read that message from 12 hours ago since that would seem like I didn't read your question because the actual answer did not post back then. however I now have written a answer below here, note however being a wolfblood, halfwolf, werewolf, etc. is something you can't describe as eazy so if ther are speciffic parts you know, or want help with feel free to tell or ask it.
290 days ago
turns out my real answer was not posted, so I'll try to rewrite it however I might leave out some details due to that anyoying feeling caused by electronics again not behaving right around me, which actually is quite common.

So as for the answer:
in short: yes your wolf sides including the tallents, strengths, etc. can be automatically disguised by instinct. this can for some be to the point where their wolfsides do barely or not show up even to themselves. these days transformation itself is especially rare.
now while I for now won't completely add examples why, there are some interesting reasons why one might not know it is actually a werewolf. for example:
1. younger ones might have speciffic talent phases but while tending to often feel like one they tend to fail in a lot of things, especially the transformation.
2. living in a city can heavily supress your talents and make you even seem weaker than a average human.
3. living closer to the wild or a forrest, especially when you live in the wild your wolfsides get a lot stronger and a lot more clear.
4. living in a small town close to the forrests and fields, or wild lands and visiting it often(especially effective when young), or playing in a similar environment with not to high levels or em-wave or electric devices nearby. that seems to be around the average midlevel for a wolfblood where some can get their wolfsides/tallents considerable great, some might get them so small they barely notice, and a lot are in between that.(getting to a wilder area will in general restore and reactivate your wolf sides even at older age).
5. strong emotions such as extreme unhinderable will, fear, danger, or hunting instinct are also important to trigger transformation and to develop your wolf sides.
6. as of now younger children form somewhere aftrer 2002 to 2008 have a much harder time getting their tallents to show due to the increase of usage of wolfblood harming electronic such as the increase in radiowaves, electronic devices, the reduced exposure to nature or instinct inducing emotions, also the reduced phycical challange and activation, the types of lights used in most modern buildings which due to being improperly designed harm, tire, and distract a lot of halfwolves. but there are more reasons. in general the wolfboods from the newer generations have it a lot harder that the older ones. eventhough the current problems also hurt us, we already know forsure what we are.

about transformation: I am one of the few in my family that has actually shifted. for me it started at the end of puberty, the first time I didn't physically transform I think but I suddenly went into how it feels during a real transformation like a trans. the second time I remember was a real transformation, it happened during the night however not on a physical full moon. it is however one of the greatest things there is since you are just pure when transformed, you feel exactly like yourself and do exactly what you truly want/feel like, and you can do all those things. ofcource since you are more pure, you are actually less dangerous than a human since you don't really have those evil human emotions and so only do what you truly feel like, what you think is fun.

some traits that might show up in a family(can't speak for those living in a large city).
1. the entire family: being tired during a new moon, and being awake and jumpy around a full moon.
2. having a hard time sleeping during a full moon due to a energy like feeling.
3. some other astrological apearances such as some commets, meteors, etc. do the same and will actually wake you out of your sleep up to quite long before it happens.
4. at a young age: being faster, stronger and in general smarter than most especially when compared to the effort put into it. in general a lazy halfwolf get's along with the best sporters who train a lot. technical parts often lag behind however.
5.around during puberty tallents might show in fields that most will call magic.
6. some wolfbloods do transform. this is harder to reach and you most likely will need to actively want and keep wanting it.
7. white hair at a young age, changes color later on.
8. well there are a lot more, but all are things that could be hidden for some, these days it seems like someone needs proper training or a proper environment for it's powers/wolfsides to show up properly.

any questions or examples are welcome, if you want to unhide it than there are methods you could try. however those tend to rely on your current circumstances
291 days ago
Hi "I love potatoes", most feel like diguising by instinct I do so as well and it is kind of fun sometimes when you take it to another level. and ofcource going around telling people what you are might not be smart. but you also don't need to hide completely in fear, most people will not see anyway. and friends might have a feeling you are which could later help if you are in trouble. however if many people know they might help to protect us as well, however that is only if the right people know first.
295 days ago
also I fall into the catagory of like 63% wolfblood and the other percentage goes to me- a human tomboy
295 days ago
QUESTION for dany V.L. I agree but I have gotten millions of shots and there is nothing wrong with me- I know that I am a wolfblood- is there any possible way that my blood could have been u know... Disguised, by like instinct!?
367 days ago
sometimes having people know is safer these days since by now the government already has a secret dna database, that law passed a few years ago. they might already know and probably will rater try to use certain other things to render us as good as dead. just go back to the full wild since that is the best and safest thing for us there they can't as easly poision us and their electric devices, radio and light has less effect. also making sure the forrests/ the wild grows rather than shrinks is smart as well.
382 days ago
It thinks I am tame heck no im not.
408 days ago
Don't tell anyone about this not even your parents or anyone because what of the rumor gets out and the government comes after us so don't telll
427 days ago
hey i am 100% wild wolfblood COOL!!!!!!!!!!!1
507 days ago
luna, im begginig to think were long lost twins, im 83% wild wolfblood to
536 days ago
Hey i am 83% wild wolfblood