Are you a pureblood werewolf?

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My name is Luna and I am a pureblood, so I think that your results will be pretty right.
But remember, I can't really tell if you are a pureblood or not, even if I can give you some ideas about it.

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    Are your parents werewolves?

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175 days ago
Inky, that is quite common for werewolves.
Most get born like how they are, so having others like them in the family is very common.
183 days ago
darkness it is certainly not a curse as in a bad thing. to me it seems like a different evolved species branch. like evolved in more dimensions. just like how animals evolve differently based on their environment. a werewolf by seeing things in which normal humans barely exist as part of their environment it might have caused a different evolution. werewolves have actual gene differences to normal humans even the non transforming real ones have that. werewolves (the ones that do transform or have some of the the days rarer tallents) do have a connection to things that most would call magic. but that is not a curse.
IN short a WereWolf Is A WereWolf Because It Is. The WereWolf Is Part Of What They Actually Are. A Curse Is Something Added, And SO Would Not Be Part Of Onees True Being. for that reason werewolves are not cursed, but rather they are.

Also, you shouldn't see that what chad said as a problem or insult. since by doing so or getting mad about it, you say you are not proud of what you are and are ashamed or not happy about it. the anger part is also largely programmed by human groups which either do not know why, or who do it to make people fight. you can better be friends than be mad. someone with gay friends won't find it weird or bad.
and censoring it is especially bad, since it is a lot better if someone can just say it while you know it is with another intent that to hurt one. for example if one is comfortable enough to make jokes about or with it in your presense than that means (if they are actual friends) that they trust you enough and don't see you differently from the rest.
also since things like se#uality is mostly a thing made up by humans you can't be anything like gay or hetro. while at the same moment one could say you are both. especially when used to not one single form such things become clear. if you can be friends with someone of the same gender, you are gay. if you can be friends by someone from another gender, you are hetro. most hetrose#ual humans are due to how they are raised gay, but they reject it. they do not love or feel for people of other genders but only see them as posessions. ( atleast this is how their behaviour seems to me). also by such sensoring and this may this not you make it only harder and make the difference greater.
184 days ago
My grandparents are werewolves
283 days ago
@get away, 😘 it now im hungry again, why you gotta mention deer, oh, and if anyone has a pack, i would like to join
284 days ago
284 days ago
im gonna go eat the deer my dad bought...
294 days ago
this quiz deserves better
330 days ago
im a pureblood werewolf, is it a curse or a blessing, im constantly hungry for meat,and am very violent, but im so powerful
349 days ago
I got no 20% i can't tell and 0% pureblood I'm mad i want to be a werewolf