Are You a Witch?

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This quiz will tell you whether you are a Wiccan witch or not. Being one myself, and therefore knowing what it is like, I will try and make this as accurate as possible

  • 1
    Hi, my name is Hazel. Now, let's begin!
  • 2
    Do you believe in magic?
  • 3
    Have you ever done magic before?

  • 4
    Has anything ever happened just because you wanted it to?
  • 5
    Has anyone ever said you seemed mysterious, or perhaps even magical?
  • 6
    Have you got any jewelry that seem like it might be magical or powerful in any way?

  • 7
    Do people ever act differently around you?
  • 8
    Have you ever tried a spell?
  • 9
    If so, did they/it work?
  • 10
    If you found out you were a witch, would you use your powers for good or evil?

  • 11
    Do you believe in the Three-Fold law?
  • 12
    Do you think you might be a witch?
  • 13
    Do you lie a lot?
  • 14
    What is the ultimate rule of witchcraft?
  • 15
    Sadly, we're coming to the end of the quiz. How do you feel about that?

Comments (10)


95 days ago
It turns out the awnser was exactly what im doing! I am trying to be a proper with an its working well!
209 days ago
So apparently “it might not go how i want it to” ? Am i gonna like destroy the earth or sm lol
296 days ago
891 days ago
Apparently, or rather according to this quiz, I'm a witch. Good to know. All of us would be witches 100 years prior to now.
Thanks, I guess.
1085 days ago
Okay, research is done. I did find out that herbs are planted all over my apartment complex and how there's animals everywhere!!! Hmm, most of my neibors act the same, exept for one, she moved out ten years ago because she wasn't fitting in. Weird artifacts and mysic items are like, all over my house. OMG! My parents lied to me! They said I had Apraxia but all the videos I had of me as a kid trying to talk but chanting instead and then somthing weired happening and my family trying to hide it. I think I was made to pronounce chants, my ADHD is my awareness, my dispraxia, is so I can write in magick, my dislexia, is so I can read them, my keltomania is my instinct to find potion and ritual ingredients, my anti social personality disorder is my indepentent life style, my EDS is my instinct to wake up at midnight and see the moon, my MDD is just my sensitivity for this world, my messed up mouth was just a curse I casted on myself as a baby, my hallucinogen is my potential to see ghosts, my pain disorder is just me sensing energy, my panic disorder is just my abiltiy to see the future, and my OCD is just my ritual instinct. This whole time I thoght I was just a mess. I guess not. I'm a powerful young woman who has a purpose to create.
1085 days ago
Well, at music camp I found myself mouthing my band name choice while the counciler was drawing. The paper with mt choice on it popped out of the box and onto the floor. That was weird. I may have to do more research..........
1286 days ago
But don't, worry, I have other friends, too! I'm not just friends with ghosts.
1286 days ago
Yes, I am a witch. I love learning witchcraft and I even own a spell book that can teach me spells and magic. I have a magical power, too, which is one reason I know I'm a witch. I can control the wind. I tell it to blow, and it blows. I tell it to stop, and it stops. I tell it to slow down, and it slows down. Don't think I'm weird. I know that not everyone believes in magic and probably NO ONE believes me when I say I can control the wind. I also have heat powers. And I can see ghosts. Well, just one. Her name is Lydia and she is, like, one of my best friends!!
1378 days ago
Yay I'm a witch and I have always known it ever since I was 3 I have always had a sense of energy with objects and other things my grandma gave me a necklace and I felt a different type of energy that was being transfered to me
1938 days ago
I have been practicing witchcraft for over a decade now, but I'm not a Wiccan.