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Are you wondering whether you can truly call yourself a "gamer"? It takes a certain amount of stamina and discipline to be one, you know. So if you can play Minecraft for five hours without taking a bathroom break...if you ever say nah, no pizza for me, I'm in the middle of a game...if you turn down dates with real-life hotties because you find Lara Croft or Bayonetta way more might be a gamer.
Not to sound like a parent or anything, but there is a condition known as video game addiction. No, really, it's a thing, and the World Health Organization has named "gaming disorder" an addictive behavior disorder in their 11th Revision of the International Classification of Diseases. Not to ruin your fun or anything. We're sure you don't skip school or take drugs to keep gaming, right?
So anyway, if you're wondering whether you're really a gamer, we have a selection of quizzes here that will tell you the awful - or awesome - truth. If you've stopped playing Minecraft or Five Nights At Freddy's long enough to seek these quizzes out, chances are you're just fine and your gaming is under control. But just to be sure, take a few quizzes now.

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What type of player am I?

What type of player am I?


How much of a gamer are you?


What type of gamer are you?

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1120 days ago
I am a pee and funny gamer
1167 days ago
I am a gamer because I am a gamer.

-Kate Yelkovan
1838 days ago
IM A GAME 200/200
1959 days ago
Hwat is wrong with you