What RPG would you be most likely to play?
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What RPG would you be most likely to play?

There are a few RPG's on the market. This test will determine which Pen and Paper (not video game) RPG would suit you best.

Question 1:You are in a dark room. What do you do?
Flick on a glowrod
The dark is my friend. I leave it alone.
Go insane, crawling on the ground sucking your thumb
Cast Light

Question 2:What are humans?
The mightiest race
Ignorant fools
Just one of the species

Question 3:How about aliens?
Some would call me an alien...
Just one of the races
Madness and evil
Never heard of them.

Question 4:Where do you live?
In my dark crypt
Somewhere where the Great Ones can't find me...
In an apartment on a city-planet
In a room above the tavern

Question 5:What weapon do you wield?
Pistols, Rifles, Dynamite, ect.
The Force/Blaster
My Sword/Magic
I am a walking weapon.

Question 6:Can good win in the end?
If the Dungeon Master is nice.
I won't let it.

Question 7:What is your currency of choice?
Gold Pieces
Cred Chips

Question 8:If you had one weakness, what would it be?
My slow descent down towards the Dark Side
My inability to wear Full Plate Mail
My hatred of light.
My slow descent into madness

Question 9:What is your greatest asset?
My hoard of magical items
My spaceship
My life
My immortality

Question 10:Which one of these games sounds coolest, just based on name?
Star Wars
Vampire: The Masquerade
Dungeons and Dragons
Call of Cuthulu

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