What RPG class do you belong in?
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What RPG class do you belong in?

Find out if you’re a Druid, Fighter, Wizard, Ranger or Paladin.

Question 1:   Do you like animals?
I like the magical ones best.
Yes, I love them.
Not really.
Only if they are nice.
They're good to have around.

Question 2:   If you had the choice to live anywhere, where would you live?
I'd live in a woods, but no house for me.
A nice little cottage in the middle of a forest with all my animal friends.
A huge palace.
Just a regular house.
I do not need a home. I live with those I am helping.

Question 3:   Which of these weapons do you like best?
Great sword
Wand or staff
Broad sword
Bow and arrow

Question 4:   What can you be found doing in your spare time?
Creating new battle tactics.
Weeding out those of races I hate.
Fending off the enemy for those who cannot defend themselves.
Practicing new spells.
Chatting with my animal companions. Actually talking with them.

Question 5:   What are your thoughts on dragons?
I don't really care. If one attacks me, it's dead, that's all I can say.
Dragons are evil! I'll kill them all!
I command dragons. My power is too great for them.
I'd tame one and make it my companion if I could just find one...
I've killed a few dragons in my days. So what? Hasn't everybody?

Question 6:   The book you are reading is called...
Spells of a New Dimension
The Best Strategies of War
How to Keep the Enemy Out of Your Woods
The Best Way to Help Others
Dragons and Where to Find Them

Question 7:   Your favorite song is called...
Magic-Users Waltz
Bloodlust Battle Fury
The Enemy is Dead
Keep Out
Dances With Dragons

Question 8:   You see a squirrel struggling to carry an acorn up to its home in the tree. You...
Try to decide whether squirrel is good to eat or nasty.
Use it for experiments and accidentally turn it into an abomination.
Screw the stupid squirrel. It's not my problem.
Place the acorn in its home. Its only a helpless squirrel, after all.
Name it Fred, keep it as a companion and give it all the acorns it wants

Question 9:   A dangerous storm is forming right overhead. You...
Use the opportunity to kill more of your enemies while they are distracted.
Quickly grab all of your animal companions and shove them into shelter.
Stay right where you are. You conjured the storm; it will obey you.
Get everyone out of harm's way.
Swear and run for your life.

Question 10:   You are the first one to discover a hidden mountain, and you decide to name it...
Enemy Death
Good Haven
Magic Bound
Animal's Trust
-Name-'s Place

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