What FF7 Character Are You?
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What FF7 Character Are You?

Who's personality is hidden deep in your life: Cloud, Tifa, or Aeris? Now you will see!

Question 1:What would you rather do on a summer day?
Stroll through the park picking and smelling the beautiful flowers.
Get a part-time job at a bar and flirt with all the guys there.
Practice hitting things with a stick while repeatedly telling yourself how much you hate your former role model.

Question 2:If you could pick out your own birthday present, what would it be?
A beautiful pink dress.
A sword.
A hot new pair of shorts.

Question 3:You're going out with some friends and you wanna look really good.. what do you wear?
Your hair in a loose braid and something elegant, but not too spiffy.
Something loose and easy to horse around in, and your hair spiked up.
A cute pair of shorts, a tank top, and your hair down.

Question 4:You want to go out with someone.. what is their personality like?
Someone innocent and caring, that will listen to you and who you'll listen to.
Someone with a good sense of adventure, while having some sanity at the same time.
A true hottie with muscles and toughness and all that good stuff. ^^;

Question 5:If you were to ever go out on a journey similar to the ones you see on RPGs, what would you take with you?
My strength, a weapon or two, and a few allies, so my parents won't get angry at me for traveling alone.
Some potion, antidotes, and a stick to fight off those nasty critters.
A really powerful sword, my muscles, and courage.

Question 6:What is your wildest dream?
To be a good fighter.
To find my true love and to go on a wild adventure.
To live happily ever after with the love of my life.

Question 7:You get home from school. What is the very first thing you do?
Study and sit outside, enjoying the beautiful day.
Call your closest friend and talk about your new karate classes and some really hot dude on your bus.
Go outside and practice your martial arts and swordfighting skills.

Question 8:Your best friend is...
Someone who is trustworthy and not too ruff-n-tuff for you.
A toughie-at-heart, just like you!
Older, tougher, and stronger than you, who you want to be just like someday.

Question 9:What celebrity would you match yourself up to?
Tom Cruise... full of courage and have you ever seen him in action?!
Pamela Anderson... flirtatious and.. well, you know the rest. ^.~
Julia Stiles... sweet, cute, and playful!

Question 10:If you were to be anything in the world, which of the three would it be?
Your ordinary fighter with spunk.

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