Where in Spira would you like to live? (Final fantasy X-2)
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Where in Spira would you like to live? (Final fantasy X-2)

Want to discover where you would most love to live in final fantasy X-2? Answer the questions TRUTHFULLY and you'll find out.

Question 1:   Firstly, let's think about the weather. What is your favorite sort?
I like to stay indoors
Very Sunny! All the time!
Generally warm

Question 2:   Ok, now what about the amount of people?
I generally like to be alone.
Not too many, not too few
LOADS of people! I love to be surrounded by them!
Few. People cramp my style
I don't need anybody around to make my life cool

Question 3:   And the nature of people?
Active, but enjoy relaxing.
Outgoing with a craving for adventure and danger
Very quiet and incredibly friendly
Peaceful and one with God
Fashionable, social and exciting with no time to relax!

Question 4:   Do you mind a lot of tourists where you live?
Only if they're friendly and not scary
Tourists wouldn't fit in where I live
Yes, I like my dwelling clean and staying how it is
No! Tourists are great fun!
They're welcome for sightseeing only

Question 5:   What kind of food do you like?
Lots of meat! Big juicy steaks!
Fast food all the way!
Healthy and proteinous
My religion bans some types of food but i like what i do eat
Food with lots of herbs and vegetables - natural stuff

Question 6:   Do you like sport?
Yes, I like to be active.
No, I find trivial things like that tedious.
Anything outside my town doesn't really concern me.
Yes, I like to both play and watch!
I like fighting sports!

Question 7:   Are technological developments a good thing?
Yes! How could we live without them?
Not really, they make us forget the beauty of nature
Don't care
It might do, but I personally don't think we need them.
Yes. Technology makes us appreciate our intelligence

Question 8:   What kind of clothes do you like to wear?
Tranquil colours.
Clothes which allow me to move fast
Anything which is currently in fashion!
Anything I'm comfortable in. Beauty is on the inside.

Question 9:   What do you think of killing animals?
I don't really think about the killing, I just eat them.
It's fine if they're killed for a purpose
Killing animals is wrong
It's alright as long as I don't have to do it.

Question 10:   What kind of house would you like to live in
Small and comfortable. No unnecessary additions.
A house with technological amenities, but not too posh
I like to camp! I'm an outdoor person.
Big house or mansion in the centre of everything!
Small and far away from everything.

Question 11:   Which of THESE kinds of music do you most like?
Music made of steel drums
Church music is really beautiful
I like the music of the storm baby!
Pop music
Percussion instruments (vibes, xylophone, drums)

Question 12:   How do you like your ground?
Woody and grassy
Wet soil squelching beneath my feet

Question 13:   Which of these could be an ambition of yours?
To embrace God and live my life for him
To live out my days happily and healthily - that's all I want
To be famous or successful with a great job!
To be totally adventurous and accomplish something great
To get on with the kind people I meet

Question 14:   Do you mind rules and regulation?
The world requires rules or all would be a mess.
Rules restrict one's ability to feel free
Only rules in games count!
Rules suck!
I think we should play by our own moral rules

Question 15:   And finally...How was the quiz?
It's something interesting to do I suppose.
I don't really do this often so no comment.
Very laid back and enjoyable.
Great thanx!
Not enough action dude! It was boring!

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