Which Five Nights at Freddy's Character Am I?😱

So, you like Five Nights at Freddy's? Who do you identify with most? We all have our favourites. Even when it comes to horrific creatures. Or maybe especially then? But which character is really like us? Our perception and reality often differ greatly. That is what this FNaF personality quiz is for!

You can get Freddy Fazbear, Chica, Foxy, Bonnie or Golden Freddy as your result! Take it now to find out which of these characters you are!
Have Fun!

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    Which of these colors do you like best?
    Which of these colors do you like best?

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164 days ago
I got Foxy, prob cause i said my fav color is red.
253 days ago
I need someone to end me
253 days ago
Why did I get an undercooked chicken nugget
I mean…It’s better than the overrated Fox
288 days ago
This quiz was great, i normally hate quizzes that are gore of some sort but this one was really understandable
314 days ago
What I think when you choses a flat chachter it make you that anomtrinc instead of showing it for real.
314 days ago
I don't really get this????
314 days ago
Hello to all!!! I hope I got someone like me, if I do them I hope you to!!!
423 days ago
hey super stars if Glamrock freddy is on here I hope I get him HE IS MY FAVORITE and he is my super star.
428 days ago
The only reason I got Golden Freddy: Springtrap wasn't part of this quiz. Haha that's my messed up brain for ya
443 days ago
I dont know,lmao I just dont know
446 days ago
In reallity i feel like vanny but i keep getting freddy. Is vanny even on there?
447 days ago
Foxy is my favorite character and I hope I get him
447 days ago
I keep getting freddy from all different quizzes. I was really fun and i was at the edge of my seat waiting for my result. overall this was a great quiz.
456 days ago
I got BONNIE he is my favourite character and I am so happy about it
463 days ago
Stop giving me freddy... I HATE FREDDY.
But at least im not bonnie. bonnies okay but ive token 4 tests and get the smae results!!! (WITCH IS BONNIE)
465 days ago
I'm NOT Chica , I Like Goldie a bit and I Like Bonnie too but not Chica with her dumb Cup ake
473 days ago
I have done 6 fnaf quizzes and I keep getting golden Fred
481 days ago
BONNIE IS THE BEST charector is fnaf
486 days ago
498 days ago
I'm my own band, In order I got, Bonnie, golden Fred, Fred, chica, foxy.