FNaF Ship or Rip!

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Let's see if you ship my FNaF ships!

  • 1
    Who should Freddy be shipped with?
  • 2
    Who should Chica be shipped with?
  • 3
    Who should Bonnie be shipped with?

  • 4
    Who should Foxy be shipped with?
  • 5
    Who should Toy Freddy be shipped with?
  • 6
    Who should Toy Chica be shipped with?

  • 7
    Who should Toy Bonnie be shipped with?
  • 8
    Who should Mangle be shipped with?
  • 9
    Who should Circus Baby be shipped with?
  • 10
    Who should Ballora be shipped with?

  • 11
    Who should Funtime Freddy be shipped with?
  • 12
    Who should Funtime Foxy be shipped with?
  • 13
    Who should Happy Frog be shipped with?
  • 14
    Who should Nedd Bear be shipped with?
  • 15
    Who should Rockstar Freddy be shipped with?
  • 16
    Who should Rockstar Chica be shipped with?

  • 17
    Who should Rockstar Bonnie be shipped with?
  • 18
    Who should Rockstar Foxy be shipped with?
  • 19
    Who should El Chip be shipped with?
  • 20
    Finally, who should Funtime Chica be shipped with?

Comments (24)


64 days ago
Sorry spelt my name wrong.(its mimicker not mimicer)
64 days ago
Just ask me for any animatronic characters ship/should be soul mate and i will tell you the right ship for that animatronic. 👍
64 days ago
Ballora whith springtrap ,foxy whith mangle and freddy(original)whith toy chica.this is obvious ships here people(and fellow animtronics).
86 days ago
I am shiping me with bonnie ;)
And i ship mangle with springtrap
180 days ago

I don't think shipping Foxy and Bonnie is a good idea
They actully kinda hate each other tbh
180 days ago
why do people ship me with Nightmare?

218 days ago
“I ship ennard x mike” - 🤓
“I ship …. And …..” - 🤓
Like nah.. tf wrong with some of yall 💀
228 days ago
Why isnt there a 'me' option?
238 days ago
imagine shipping dead souls of children lmaoo
244 days ago
I ship mike x ennard ballora x William and alot more I'm a BIG shipper
284 days ago
lol I don’t ship any animatronics, like I can see why people would ship some but it feels wrong to me idk lmao
351 days ago
I'm actually quite surprised that they don't have ennard x Mike, Couse most quizzes have them. But honestly I don't really ship them I ship Mike with Vanny\Venessa, Couse in my AU vanny and Mike were friends in the past. And in my AU Chris is Evan because it's cannon, because in the FNAF books they call him by Evan or C.C and Mrs.Afton is a free spirit. William calls Mrs Afton Rose Couse when they were in high school he gave her the nick name and William=Springtrap=Glithtrap. Mrs.Emily left Henry for a richer man a few months after Charlie was born.
361 days ago
361 days ago
P.s.cinnamon bun.it is not cannon that mrs.Afton\roselle Afton\clarA actions ballora but spingtrap =William Afton is. I believe that the mom of the Afton kids is ballora.I also ship Ennard x Michael and fon-fon
361 days ago
Most of the ones you chose aren't my ships but they would.he my third.chose
507 days ago
555 days ago
i just did 1 2 3 and i ship mike and enn@rd and freddy x bon bon
584 days ago
I think Ft. Freddy should be shipped with Bon Bon, I think it is a really cute ship. #FonFon
(I kinda gave up on the other ships half way through the quiz)
I also ship Ballora and Springtrap because they are actually married outside their animatronic forms.
Ennard and Mike is an Awesome ship!!!!
597 days ago
im kinda sad it dident ask about Ennard (pls dont kill meh but Ennard x Mike
612 days ago
i wouldnt like foxy x mangle like who would want to be shipped with they`re replacement? but if thats your ship mk im fine with it :/