Fives Nights at Freddy's Sleepover: #1 (Girls only, SORRY BOYS)

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I'm Copycat! These are my friends, Foxy, Freddy, Chica, Bonnie, and Goldie! Marionette didn't want to appear today... anyway, as promised!

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    Hello! My name is Copycat, I am a animatronic at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. And today I am giving you an adventure. I am also Anastasia Chance, the author of Wings of Fire: The Black Continent and Warriors: Duskmoon and Dawnsun. I hope you enjoy!
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    It’s 10:00 in the night, your phone rings. But it’s different then your normal ringtone though... eerier. When you look at the number, it’s fuzzed out. It’s suspicious, so you declined it, but it answered on its own.
    “Sorry about what’s about to happen,” A peculiar voice said. Your phone screen switched to a dizzying spiral and you blacked out. When you wake up, a fox, bear, chicken, and a rabbit are around you.
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    Suddenly, a strange phantom-like bear appeared.

    Golden Bear: What are you four doing?

    Rabbit: N-nothing-!

    Bear: Yeah!

    *a purple and blue cat with starry eyes would come out of nowhere*

    Fox: Uh! Copycat, didn’t you shut down for the weekend?

    Cat: No duh, but I heard noises. What are you guys doing!

    Golden Bear: No idea, just got up here.

    Cat: What-! Is that a human?

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    The room is silent, and your heart seems to beat out of your chest. You are scared and are hoping you won’t be attacked. On closer examination, you also notice all the animals are animatronics.

    Cat: Excuse us, we haven’t introduced ourselves. My name is Copycat. These are Foxy *points to the fox*, Chica *points to the chicken*, Freddy *points to the bear with the blacktop hat and bow tie*, Bonnie *points to the rabbit*, and Golden Freddy *points to the golden bear*. We call him Goldie though.

    Chica: Sorry to startle you... but if Copycat trusts you...

    Bonnie: Ooh, I have an idea! SLEEPOVER!

    Goldie: Bonnie...

    Chica: Bonnie we can’t sleep.

    Bonnie: That’s what you say! Let’s party until six!

    Copycat: *her face melts into amusement* Okay, Bonnie. We can play games. I’ll get the sleeping stuff. *Eyes shine bright red and she glitches away*

    Goldie: I’ll get some party stuff! *Glitches away*

    Chica: PIZZA! *Runs to get pizza*

    Freddy: Maybe I can find some instruments...

    Bonnie: Let’s go to the stage! *Runs off, and you race after him*
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    Copycat: We have everything we need for a super sleepover!

    *Everyone nods*

    Chica: I can’t wait! *Puts the food down*

    You: Uh, you guys can eat?

    Copycat: *gives a sad shake of her head* No, but we can pretend...
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    It’s time to start up some conversation! What do you talk about?

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    Time for some karaoke! What do you sing?
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    Copycat: Sleepy.

    Goldie: Okay, who do you sleep with?
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    Who do you check on?
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    *bell noises*

    Copycat: *yeets herself onto the back of the stage and the animatronics line up*

    Chica: Bye Y/N! *snaps her fingers and you end back up in your bed*

    You: What.

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hi this was so good!!! :}