What Female Game Character are you most like?
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What Female Game Character are you most like?

^_~ Let's find out which one of three female game character you're most like!

Question 1:There's a dark secret in your past, you:
Buy your self to happiness! Money fixes all one's woes!
Talk about it with someone you trust.
Try to hide it and forget it ever happened.

Question 2:You're on a trip and you see a stranded driver, what do you do?
Help them but then try to sell them a lifetime AAA membership.
Keep going, there's no time to help because your own mission is important.
Drive by but in the end come back and help because your conscience nags you.

Question 3:Which of these most describes your style of dress?
I can be casual or dressy.
It doesn't matter as long as there's something to wear.
Thrifty, unless someone else is doing the buying.

Question 4:You see someone shoplifting, what do you do?
Turn them in and ask for a reward.
Confront them, even the owner has to make a living.
Assume they must have a good reason for breaking the law, otherwise they wouldn't so you give them the benefit of the doubt..

Question 5:How do you make friends?
Introduce yourself and invite them to join in.
Remain distant and quiet and let them come to you.
Talk about yourself a lot, hey, either they're my friends or not.

Question 6:You're in a car accident and three other people are in the car, what do you do now?
Feel a little bewildered and let someone else be in charge.
Oh no! My grandmothers diamond ring is ruined. Who's going to pay for it?
Check and make sure everyone's okay.

Question 7:When confronted with your past you:
You get so livid you nearly black out.
Face it even though you're a little afraid.
Feel uncertain but find out who your true friends are.

Question 8:You're favorite past-time is:
Shopping for bargains at the mall!
Party, Party, Party!
Doing something quiet like reading, or stay with a small group of friends.

Question 9:Your friend is sick in bed, you:
Visit and console them.
You brighten their room with flowers and say funny things to make them laugh.
Bring them soup and keep them company.

Question 10:You see a friend in a costume pretending to be someone else, you react:
You shrug your shoulders, none of your business.
You feel confused as to why they aren't acting like themselves.
You don't recognise them.

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