What Kind of RPG character are you?
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What Kind of RPG character are you?

Everyone is a character in an rpg, exactly which one are you?

Question 1:Your at a tavern. You are...
The person alone in the corner
The person daydreaming at the bar.
The person in the middle of a crowd bragging

Question 2:A monster barges in and begins to wreck the place. You...
Kill it for knocking over your drink
look on from afar
hide behind a table

Question 3:the battle is over. you...
Leave to find a less wrecked bar
follow the person leaving
begin to brag about your last kill

Question 4:You are walking through a forest. The people surrounding you are...
an entourage of prostitutes and fan women
a quiet hero
a cheery little sidekick

Question 5:You are carrying...
A sword
A gun

Question 6:you come across a princess/prince. She/he asks you to go on a quest. You...
Accept and try to flirt with them.
Accept only because your quiet hero did.
Accept out of chivalry

Question 7:You come across the dragon plaguing the country of your young ruler. You...
Help your silent hero slay him by casting different healing magics
Slay him with your sword based special techniques
Slay him with your gun based special techniques and hiding behind a rock while you do so.

Question 8:The dragon is dead. You...
Are knighted by the princess
Are knighted with your quiet hero
Are slapped by the princess for making sexual remarks to her.

Question 9:The game/show is over. you...
Follow the quiet hero on his mercenary quests.
Go on like you were before only with something REAL to brag about
Continue your mercenary job as though nothing has happened except now you have a sidekick.

Question 10:During the credits, you are seen...
Doing special techniques and showing off.
latched on to the quiet hero like a child/lover
Doing different things that show how antisocial you are in pictures

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