Which Roleplaying Character Profile Describes YOU!
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Which Roleplaying Character Profile Describes YOU!

I this quiz, you can see what character profile best fits you, and to help you design your roleplaying character

Question 1:   Say that there is a group of rag-tag adventurers, and we'll call them "The Party". So, who did you join the party?
I was dragged into it,
I have my ways....
I was dodging the guards, and ran into the party.
I was offered, and I'm only in for the cash.
Join! Hah! I started it!

Question 2:   When offered a side-quest, you usually...
Laugh, then kill the one who offered it.
Who'd offer a side-quest to me?
If I need the cash, I'll take it.
Accept it before talking to the rest
SIDE-QUEST! Yeah right! Shove off, buddy.

Question 3:   Well, whether you do it willingly, you do the side-quest. So, you are dragged up a mountain and enter a dank cave. You find a horde of treasure, and-OH NO! The party must combat a Hydra in unrealistic turn-based combat...I mean combat! You
I fight!
Neh, you can find me in the background.
I kill him in one shot and I am praised
Look at those diamonds! And all that gold!
I fight, reluctantly...

Question 4:   The party (whether you alone or not) defeats the Hydra! It seems there is an old man in a prison cell deeper in the cave. You release him. He then gives an ancient relic to,
Please me! So shiny!
Not me,
Me? Yeah right!
I grab at it, but retract my hand before anyone sees

Question 5:   The prisoner then instructs you to cross the seas and to the next land. Once you arrive at the seaport, you...
Nothing, except follow someone else around.
Hide! I saw some guards.
Reserve a ship
Steal a ship
I get on my own ship!

Question 6:   However you received the ship, you board the ship and set sail. But after a few hours at sea, pirates near your ship and take fire! You...
Board their ship and fight them.
Go to the captain and tell him, "It's me, don't fire!"
Fend them off as they board our ship!
I'm under the covers in my bunk.
Steal their ship once they're all on ours.

Question 7:   Some how or another, the pirates leave and let you go. You reach the next land and decide to go to a pub. There, you...
Polish my sword
Hide in the shadows
Phew! The fumes alone get me a little tipsy!
Make deals with oafs to get secrets about the castle...
Con a few drunks

Question 8:   You leave the pub and go to the castle. There you...
Lil' this, lil' that.
Go to the king, and discuss a few plans of my own
Wait outside. Geez, do you know how many guards are in there!
Go directly to the king to discuss the mission
Stealing royal jewels

Question 9:   This is question number 7! How do you feel?
I'm good,
Confused! It's number 9!
Evil... and a little hungry

Question 10:   Every roleplaying game needs a shocker! Your is...
I discover my name and mysterious past
I am the villain as nobody suspected!
I'm a runaway member of the royal family!
I am not the villain as everyone suspected
My tail is glued on!

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