What female Golden Sun Character are you?
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What female Golden Sun Character are you?

If you love Goldensun as much as I do, then you'll be wanting to take this test to see which character you are.

Question 1:   What is your status with guys?
My brother dislikes all my guy friends.
Everyone I know is older than me.
Guys? Too busy for them.

Question 2:   Which of the following describes you the best?
I can be stubborn and I can be sweet.
I'm nice, but don't get me angry.

Question 3:   How do you help others?
What ever I could do for them.
Heal the sick and injured.
I could protect them, that is if my brother thought it was safe enough for me

Question 4:   If you were stuck in a desert with no water, what would you do?
I'd cool myself off till I could get out.
Heat doesn't bother me.
No water, HA! I'm made of water.

Question 5:   If you found out your dead brother was alive, how would you react?
Wouldn't mind.
What? Awww, I thought you were dead.
Y-you're a-alive...

Question 6:   If someone said something you disagreed with, you would...
Snap back your opinions on the subject
Stay silent unless it involves you.
Ignore it.

Question 7:   Out of the following, which do you prefer?
Clear, yet windy days.
Cold, icy, snowy days.
Hot, sunny days.

Question 8:   You're friends are..
People I like, but they disagree with my brother ways, and vice-versa.
Every one in town seems to like me.
The people I heal.

Question 9:   Which of the following do you like?

Question 10:   If you could have any powers, what would it be?
To control the wind.
To heal people.
To set things on fire.

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