Which Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Character Are You?
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Which Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Character Are You?

So, which are you?

Question 1:What is your outlook on life?
It's so hard being a princess… ~sigh~
It would be nice if I could live a peaceful life…
I plan on taking over the world, thank you very much. Bow down before me!
It's so tedious always having to save the hero...
All I do is follow the hero around and give him advice…

Question 2:What is your skin like?
My skin, let's see… Green… Kind of repulsive…
My skin? Umm… Skin-like, I guess.
Perfect, of course. Would you expect anything less from royalty?
Skin? I'm a glowing blob. I don't have skin.
What does that have to do with anything?

Question 3:What is your hair like?
I have to take my hat off?
Orange, grungy, sticks up everywhere…
A work of art. Flawless, beautiful, blonde… ~blah blah blah~
Hair? Again, I'm a glowing blob. I have no hair.
It's under a turban, not that it matters.

Question 4:What is your idea of a perfect day?
Every day with me gazing at my reflection and musing over how perfectly perfect I am...
The day I triumph over evil.
The day I can finally rest my itty-bitty wings and stop following the hero…
The day every living thing in creation bows down before me.
The day I can relax and stop saving the hero's butt.

Question 5:Where would you like to live?
In a huge manor house made out of mirrors.
Somewhere deep in the woods where no evil things live.
In a secluded area of the forest where I can keep an eye on everything.
In an extravagant castle where I am king.
I would live wherever the hero lives, because I have to follow him.

Question 6:What is your most prized possession?
The complete Triforce which will have once I destroy those two meddlesome idiots.
My horse.
My harp.
My vanity table with full-length mirror and large array of hands mirrors, hairbrushes, makeup… ~blah blah blah~
My wings.

Question 7:What is your favorite color?
Umm… Green, I guess.
Every color looks good on me, but I prefer pink.

Question 8:What is your preferred weapon?
I just hide behind the hero and let him fight.
Weapon? Why would I fight when I can admire myself?
My bow.
My whip.

Question 9:What color are your eyes?
The most stunning shade of azure you could imagine. It's like my eyes are a mirror for the sky. My eyes put shame to sapphires... ~blah blah blah~
As I said earlier, I'm a glowing blob. My only distinguishable features are my wings.
Blue, I think.
I don't remember.

Question 10:If you were doing anything besides taking this test, what would you be doing?
Listening to unneeded advice from my stupid fairy about how to beat some big bad guy.
Destroying innocent people.
Looking at myself in the mirror.
Keeping an eye on the hero in case he needs me to save him again.
Giving the hero advice on how to beat some big bad guy.

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