What Zelda character are you?
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What Zelda character are you?

Find out what type of character you are. Zelda, Link, a Bad Guy.

Question 1:   Would you rather...
Kill a fairy
Take advantage of the Master Sword
Eat Grandma's soup
Hide and let someone with a weapon protect you
Kill a Miniblin

Question 2:   If you had to do something to a place, would you...
Try to save Hyrule
Hide and let someone with a weapon protect you
Try to take over parts of Hyrule
Try to take over all of Hyrule
Try to run from a Bad Guy

Question 3:   If you got the Master Sword, and you got seven years older, what would you do?
I'd try to help people in need of it
I'd go on a rampage and kill everyone wearing red
I'd take over the world. Show everyone I’m not a coward.
I'd try to save the world, and kill all the badguys
I'd destroy the world.

Question 4:   If Ganandorf tried to take over Hyrule (again), what would you do?
I'd help him
I'd help Link
I'd help him
I'd kill him and save Hyrule once again
I'd go crazy and try to kill him. I'd loose of course.

Question 5:   Can you save a world?
I'd win my world back
I'd destroy it and take over the rest of the world
I'd go crazy and destroy it
I'd help destroy it

Question 6:   If you were able to kill anyone, who would it be?
All the bad guys

Question 7:   If you were a bad guy, who would you kill?
All the miniblins
I am the master of bad guys
Ganandorf still
I am a bad guy

Question 8:   Would you rather...
Eat Link
Eat at my palace
Eat Ganandorf's inside
Eat Link

Question 9:   Would you rather...
Go with Link
Go to Zora city for a vacation
Go to the mall and kill everyone
Kill all heroes

Question 10:   How many times have you killed people with a sword?
Once or twice
Sadly, never
All the time
Never, but I've killed people

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