What Minecraft Mob Am I?⛏💎

I created this quiz for Minecraft maniacs like me! Are you one? Using age range and other important properties, find out what Minecraft mob you are!

Because you know you want to know! And I bet your friends, do, too! Please share my 'Which Minecraft mob are you?' quiz with all your maniac friends!

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112 days ago
Also TheOnlyUltima and F00lishF0 x27 are the same person XDDDD
112 days ago
There wasn’t even foxes or wolves ya dorks
172 days ago
I got creeper! (is my favorite mob!)
256 days ago
I got... FOX!!!!!!!!!! SQUEAL! Im soooooo happpy! i love love love Foxs! ;) best test ever! ;)))))))))
257 days ago
As MY name suggests i am an endermen!
No eye contact I don't want to kill you also it makes me super uncomfortable.
I hate water so keep it far away please.
285 days ago
I got a squid, but I have many friends
291 days ago
75% Wolf! That totally fits me!
302 days ago
I‘m an enderman, fits me so well xD
311 days ago
I got creeper which is very accurate
380 days ago
382 days ago
i am wither
407 days ago
50% squid ( i am kinda creepy ;) ) 17% mooshroom 17% enderman 8% Creeper ( i think im mostly creeper tho... ) 8% Skeleton
416 days ago
i got enderman lets gooo
427 days ago
I'm an Enderman sometimes alone sometimes I'm with friends
433 days ago
also a bit of enderman
433 days ago
33% sleketion 17% mooshroom 13% 9 squid
437 days ago
Bro im a squid im having it worse than yall
446 days ago
I got 25% endermen 25% creeper 25% squid 17% skeleton 8% mooshroom
465 days ago
I didn t geet thea enwer dwagonn dis ssi is wiiged
467 days ago
I got Mooshroom 33%, Squid 25%, Creeper 17%, Enderman 17% and Skeleton 8%. Cool quiz.