What Minecraft Mob Am I?

I created this quiz for Minecraft maniacs like me! Are you one? Using age range and other important properties, find out what Minecraft mob you are! Because you know you wanna know! And I bet your friends, do, too! Please share my quiz with all your maniac friends!

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19 hours ago
I got 42% enderman and all other mobs 17%undefined
11 days ago
Love it ssuuppeerr fun
12 days ago
@Also... and @F in the chat for adds are the same people because they have the same number.
22 days ago
Ghosts are not in Minecraft, most people just call them ghosts, but the proper term for the Minecraft mob is Ghast.
22 days ago
F (I’m adding all this extra text, because you need 20 characters...)
23 days ago
me go boom
24 days ago
I am a Skeleton, Squid, and Mooshroom! :D
34 days ago
i am a enderman and pigman
41 days ago
I'm mainly mooshroom and creeper! that's pretty neat considering my brand is a creeper
41 days ago
im a creeper? RLY! i was NOT expecting that!
43 days ago
Enderman is my favorite.
50 days ago
Funny thing is, i got Enderman as the highest one, and on another site i got Ender Dragon
51 days ago
I got what Iiked! I got Skeleton and Enderman in a big percentage, along with squid and mooshroom as a small percentage
55 days ago
I am part squid and creeper and ender man and skeleton and moshroom
58 days ago
I got a skeleton, I am super happy with my result
63 days ago
I wanna be a squid :( I was a creeper
65 days ago
I love green and i bounce
67 days ago
my favorite color was red and orange, i like the DARKNESS my power is fire and i get a shiny green can turn white exploding creeper r u kidding me
69 days ago
I dont like what i got (You're a mooshroom).
: (
69 days ago
I am an Enderman (Endergirl) :0 :) I am very happy with the results.