Which Aphmau starlight character are you?

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Hi! Take this quiz to see which Aphmau character from Starlight you are!

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    Hi! are you excited to take the quiz!
  • 2
    At school you are
  • 3
    Would you rather

  • 4
    What gender are you?
  • 5
    Who do you want to get?
  • 6
    Who do you want?

  • 7
    Which werewolf do you want?
  • 8
    Who's your OTP?
  • 9
    What meif'wa do you want to be?
  • 10
    Do you like to swim in water?

Comments (86)


114 days ago
Yay! I got 50% Aaron and 50% Aphmau! It's like they can't decide who i should be! Aphmau or Aaron?
159 days ago
I got Aaron! I always get Aaron on these tests.
200 days ago
I got 40% aph AND IM A BOY and i got 40% garroth.
232 days ago
I got the fat nugget, not happy with it. I'M NOT EMO!
384 days ago
50% Zane,I wanted Kawaii Chan
482 days ago
I got Garroth ( I wanted Zane ) Well, any of the Ro'Meaves is a good match for me ( I'm a goofball(Garroth) , a little emo(black clothes)(Zane) and I'm very easygoing (Vlyad) .
630 days ago
I really thought im gonna be luarence but i got garroth somehow and i dont break doors i dont even have a power to do so and im a kid ( i promise i wont break any door but if needed i will😊😊)
839 days ago
I got 80% Zane and I reallyyy like the character he's so cool
871 days ago
I am Zane btw he is amazing
873 days ago
Hey I did one little tweak and now I am Zane well two Aarmau for life Zana for life and Travlyn for life oh and Aphmau is my fave Youtuber, JSYK I ship all of them! still am regretting Zanoth but why not after all they are brothers Vylad on the other hand, all of them should be shipped as Vyanoth well I'm bad at three way ships but it'll work.ヽ(◉ω◉)ノ
873 days ago
:3 My life is Zanoth now Zanoth is my new ship the love hate relationship and the Bromance relation ship I think I'm the only one who got both of the bros in one shot but I kept on choosing something hee hee I honestly didn't know my inner self and now I'm shipping Zanoth so anyone out there who ships Zana/Zane~Chan I shipped it there and now I got the Idea of Zanoth and no one is stopping me now! ヽ(◉ω◉)ノ
~Happy 2020 the lover of Aphmau
873 days ago
I got 40% zane and 40%garroth So does that mean I'm the Ro'meave brothers? well no Vylad but I guess I'm Zanoth even though I'm a girl, but still I'm the bromance of them
918 days ago
I got garroth I love doors😊
924 days ago
I gotz Zane UwUz yay I was hoping to get Zane
931 days ago
I GOT APHMAU!! XD sorry I yelled
969 days ago
I somehow got Aph though I'm a guy and I put that I love water
1080 days ago
dis is rigged every time i get freakin ZANE
1080 days ago
i am zane the fat lil nugget not very happy or fat though
1094 days ago
Just got Zane o happy days
1102 days ago
Does anyone here want season 7 of mystreet?