Warcraft Quiz
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Warcraft Quiz

This quiz will let you know how badly Warcraft has permeated your brain, and will let you know just how much longer you will be able to perform simple tasks such as breathing and walking unassisted.

Question 1:Do you know what Warcraft is?
Question 2:Have you played Warcraft?
Question 3:Do you play Warcraft a LOT?
Question 4:Do you play it RELIGIOUSLY?
Question 5:Do you dream about Warcraft?
Question 6:Have you awakened in the middle of the night thinking you heard Ogres and Paladins slugging it out?
Question 7:Do you make preferences to Warcraft while your in class learning about feudalism or serfdom?
Question 8:Do you know what the "Little midget F*ers" are?
Question 9:Do you know what color Fairy Nips are?
Question 10:Have you ever scored a physical disability due to excessive bame time?
Question 11:Do you recognize more than 5 names of other players and clans?
Question 12:Does the designation "6sa" mean anything to you?
Question 13:Have you ever turned to a comp stomp to alleviate anger or general aggression at the world?
Question 14:Do you get turned on by the shout of "3v3 NO AIR!!!"
Question 15:Is "Peon" a part of your daily vocabulary
Question 16:Is "Blocking out" an art form?
Question 17:Have you ever played a game up until or past 1 am?
Question 18:Have you experienced severe loss of vision since you started playing?
Question 19:Ogresnot, DragonJizz, Trollchoad and Fairynips aren’t just perverse words, they’re a part of who you really are as a person.
Question 20:You detested this quiz because you could have built a barracks, 3 farms, a blacksmith and probably upgraded to a keep in the time it has taken you to fill this all out.

This Quiz has been designed by Jason Lonecke.