What Shadowrun race are you?
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What Shadowrun race are you?

Do you ever feel out of place? Alone? Well, there may be more Orks, Elves, or Trolls out there. You might also just be a plain as day human. Take this quiz and find out!

Question 1:How long would you like to live?
70 years
50 years
120 years
40 years, who wants to get old?
700 years

Question 2:Do you have, or wish you had tusks?
No, I’m too short to have big ass things hanging out of my mouth.
Yes, big huge tusks.
No, it would clash with my outfit.
Yes, but small ones.
Uh, no thanks.

Question 3:How tall do you want to be?
9’1” or 2.8 meters
6’5” or 2 meters
6’3” or 1.9 meters
5’8” or 1.7 meters
3’10” or 1.2 meters

Question 4:Do you like being “the out of place person”?
Sort of, but not really.
Yes, but not too out of place.
Maybe, if I had some friends to back me up.

Question 5:What quality would you want to have most?
Being stronger and resistant to toxins.
Being a little tougher and a little stronger, but slightly dumber.
I’m happy with who I am.
Being very tough and strong, and the cost of intelligence.
Being able to see in the dark, and be faster.

Question 6:What would you do if someone said, “get outta here trog”?
Leave and then get my twin(s) to go over and kick his ass.
Ignore him; he didn’t even see me.
Say, “Why don’t you come over here and make me.”
Say, “I’m not a trog dummy, I’m far too pretty.”
Ignore him; he must have been talking to someone else.

Question 7:What gang do you identify with most? (If you don’t know, just pick the name you like best).
The Ancients.
The Black Rains.
The Spikes.
The Night Hunters.
The Red Hot Nukes.

Question 8:What political group do you identify most with? (Once again, don't know, pick the best name).
Tir Tairngire
None, we don’t freakin’ need our own political crap!
Mothers of Metahumans.
The Humanis Policlub.

Question 9:Would you want your own “race language”?
Yes, most defiantly.
Take it or leave it, I don’t care.
I can barely speak English.
Sure, maybe soon.
No, we have too many as is.

Question 10:Do you have warts?
No, a wart would cover my entire fragging body!
Yes, all over my freakin’ body!
Not currently, I rarely have them.
Some, here and there.
Never! I can’t believe you’d ask me that.

This Quiz has been designed by Brent Smith.