Which 'Keilcomagrove' Character are you?
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Which 'Keilcomagrove' Character are you?

Are you as witty as Sally or as taciturn as Rin? Do you prize the order and safety of Kurio City over the mystery and adventure of Edenfell Forest? Take this quiz to find out which character from 'Keilcomagrove' you most resemble!

Question 1:Let's start with an easy one - what is your favourite species of mythical or actual being?
Wild Cats

Question 2:Do you have any qualifications, or are you working towards any?
Although I have degrees in equine and natural sciences, I believe experience holds priority over anything you can read in a book.
I have a BSc in Cynicism.
I speak 15 languages, have Masters in Religious Studies, Chivalry and Knighthood and have read every book in the kingdom. But I don't like to brag ;)
I'm working towards an engineering qualification, but the outlook isn't that good.
Life's too short for books and homework. I like to get out and enjoy life!

Question 3:What would your favourite holiday destination on earth be?
The Black Forest, Germany
New York
The Australian Bush
Disneyworld, Florida!

Question 4:What is your accent like?
Blaine says I have a Mississippi accent.
I'm not sure. English, but with a few other dialects thrown in too.
English, but quite low and husky.

Question 5:What do people say about you?
Dunno. They don't stay long enough for me to find out.
Some say I'm funny and have a bubbly personality.
I've heard some girls say I'm handsome, but appearance is of minimum importance in my life.
'Yes sir. No sir. Right away sir.' Sometimes 'Ouch!'. I've heard someone say I'm conceited and a bit of a bully. It's probably true.
I know some people in a local tavern who are convinced I'm an evil spirit sent to bring doom and horror on them all. It's funny.

Question 6:Do you have a personal quote?
I'd die before dating a smoker. No, literally.
Sod the world. I don't care anymore.
God help us! Again!
The world depresses me so. It rejects everything different, everything imaginative, everything that cannot be explained through science and fact. But a world without all these things is completely without hope.
Every silver lining has a cloud.

Question 7:What do you think of practical jokes?
At least once a day, every day, usually at someone else's expense.
If I want revenge on someone, I bite them on the ankle. I can't be bothered preparing a prank.
My livelihood.
Aye, I've played the odd prank or two in my lifetime ...
If I'm in good company. But I'll never do anything to hurt or embarrass anyone ... who doesn't deserve it ...

Question 8:Okay, so you have a crush on someone, but you don't know if they like you. What do you do?
I'd get to know them better first. It's always better to fall in love with your best friend ^.^
Walk over to them, kiss them on the lips and say, 'You only have one shot with me. Take it or leave it.'
I'm always quite shy around my crush 0.0'
I'd tell them - what's the point if they don't even know you exist?

Question 9:What constitutes fun in your life?
Shoplifting, beating stuff up, spitting off bridges ... you know, the usual.
Racing Fife along Edenfell Forest.
Curling up in front of the fire with a good book. 'Wuthering Heights' and 'The Canterbury Tales' are my favourites.
Exploring a new piece of land I never even knew existed.
Eating cinder toffee and watching Jim Carrey movies on a rainy afternoon.

Question 10:A new kid at school stops you in the corridor and asks you the way to English class. How do you respond?
'Yeah, sure. Meet me outside the bathroom in five minutes.' *gives kid swirlies for the remaining 55 minutes of the lesson*
By glaring at them until they feel awkward and leave you alone.
'My favourite lesson! Just go down this hall and turn left, then take the stairs up one floor. You can't miss it.'
'Uh? Oh yeah. It's over there somewhere.' *waves hand in the general direction of the class*
'No problem, sugar! I'll take you right there.'

Question 11:What are your best qualities?
Apparently I'm a genius, but I prize my faith above that.
My wit.
I bond well with nature.
I have qualities?

Question 12:And worst?
I can't breathe fire, darn it! It's so frustrating!
I'm quite cold and aloof, but it's only because I'm shy.
My temper.
I am very stubborn and don't trust people easily.
My, erm, shortness.

Question 13:What would be the qualities you look for in a partner?
Anyone who isn't prejudiced against my heritage. My past often comes back to haunt me.
A good sense of humour is important with me. Tough scales and wings are a bonus. Non-smoker essential.
Dress size 10, platinum blonde, big blue eyes and legs from here to Jupiter. I don't ask for much.
Someone who can see past the looks and intelligence and just love me for who I am.
Four legs, soft fur and nice eyes. Anyone who learns to love me despite my taciturn nature has won my respect.

Question 14:Anything unusual about yourself you'd like to tell us?
I have one blue eye and one brown eye. That's pretty unusual.
I'm a shapeshifter - don't tell anyone!
I'm a descendent of a famous knight.
I'm highly allergic to smoke.
I am currently on the run from bounty hunters.

Question 15:Which of these songs best illustrates your personality?
'Misfit' by Amy Studt
'19-2000' by Gorillaz
'One For My Baby' by Frank Sinatra
'Leeroy Brown' by Vinnie Jones
'Hallelujah' by Rufus Wainwright

This Quiz has been designed by Jenny Shippen.