Akirua's Character Class Quiz =D
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Akirua's Character Class Quiz =D

What character class do you think you'd be if the world was like a video game???

Question 1:What would you be doing if a giant monster was attacking your village?
Battling it with a huge sword
Fighting it with magic
Getting drunk!

Question 2:After killing the monster what would you do?
use my sword and such to help rebuild what was lost
using magic to rebuild what was lost
getting drunker!

Question 3:What would you ride around to get places?
A noble steed
a solid cloud
the beer wagon so I could get even drunker!

Question 4:Would you rather wear...
so drunk I wear socks on my ears and pants for a shirt

Question 5:What type of weapon would you use?
Sword, Dagger, etc.
Staff, Sceptor, etc.
Broken beer bottles!

Question 6:Would you combat evil using...
wow... there's 2 of everything!

Question 7:Would you be the hero or sidekick?
I'm the sidekick's stunt double!

Question 8:Would you save the princess, get to know all the things in the universe, or just stay stupid?
Save the princess
know everything in the universe
stay stupid (but drunk!)

Question 9:Would you slay monsters or just shoot magic at them?
slay them
magic 'em up

Question 10:Ok last question Apple, Beer, or Very large tree?
Apple (for honing my archery)
Very large tree (making many staves from)
Beer (TO GET DRUNKER!!! O.o)

This Quiz has been designed by AkiruaMeiou.