Which Pac Man Ghost are you?
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Which Pac Man Ghost are you?

Soo..... are you Inky, Blinky, Bashful, Or Clyde?

Question 1:First of all, what's your favorite colour out of these 4?
Light Aqua
Blood Red
Carnation Pink
Bright Orange

Question 2:What is the best adjective in this bunch to describe you?

Question 3:Where would you most likely see your face?
At the back of the line
At the front of the line
In the middle of the line
On a billboard in the game "Pole Position"

Question 4:Are you more...
Determined, but second best no matter what
The lead of the pack, ever second best no matter what
The wanderer that got lost in the woods
The class clown, but with some kind of unusual luck

Question 5:When playing pac-man, you were always most likely to be attacked by which ghost?

Question 6:You always wanted to be a ...
President of a large business
A secretary
A comedian or Jonny Knoxxville's sidekick

Question 7:IF you were a number, you'd be what number?
Number one
Number two
Number three
Number four

Question 8:You are ....
Easily Intrigued
Easily into a challenge
Just trying to fit in
Easily fooled

Question 9:You are most likely to...
Get up after every time you fall
Never stop no matter what
Sneak up on the prey
Gamble everything based on odds

Question 10:Last of all... what year best suits you?

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