Which Soulrider are you?

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Which Soulrider from Starshine Legacy and Star Stable Online are you?

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    What is your hair colour?

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149 days ago
i really liked this quiz :)
296 days ago
10.) My powers are very dangerous, but I don't want to use them unnecessarily


90% Alex :D
10% Anne
0% Lisa
0% Linda

I'm very happy for my result.😃 I love Alex!⚡ She's my favourite!💗
599 days ago
I love TNS so so so so so much My life is school home lunch TNS dinner then TNS and bed and all over again
929 days ago
1. Blonde
2. Creative
3. Literature
4. Cross country
5. Autumn
6. Jessica (sHe sEnT mY sWeEt aNnE tO pAnDoRiA ;-;)
7. Green
8. Sun
9. Simple, comfortable, normal
10. Not at all, they’re for my mind only.


40% Linda! (Yay!)
30% Anne! (Woohoo!)
20% Lisa! (Cool!)
10% Alex! (I’m not Gryffindor material xD)

Overall, very happy with my results; I relate most to Linda and Anne and was hoping to get either one of them. I didn’t get Anne, but oPpOsItEs aTtRaCt. Love Linda though, I’m such a nerd like her.
938 days ago
Hi! Idk why but I decided to write this....
If any one see’s this I hope your ok with the sickness going around Hope fully will find a cure hope the star farm is ok

938 days ago
59 %. Linda (my fav soul rider)
40 % Lisa
O% Anne
30% Alex
My fav soul rider is Linda and I was hoping I would get her I tried the answers I would say
And it said I was Linda :) I love reading and writing but i Kinda dress like Alex and a little like Linda so if your wondering what a Alex + Linda is its me!
961 days ago
I am Linda. I took the quiz three times to make sure,
1013 days ago
The moment I saw Alex I was like that’s almost me 😂
1326 days ago
40% Lisa
Now I know, why I don't like Anne😂 She's totally the opposite of me�
1543 days ago
I'm 50% Alex

30% Lisa

20% Anne

0% Linda!
1543 days ago
I Love Star Stable! Its Awesome, But I Wish They Add More Quests Cause I'm Getting Really Bored
1746 days ago
Alex will always be my favourite and she's always the results of these quizzes!
2258 days ago
Thank you for this quiz! I am Lisa :)