Which Rainbow Six: Siege Attack Operator Am I?

You must like Rainbow Six: Siege, or you wouldn't be checking out my quiz! Try it now to discover which attack operator you are from this beloved Tom Clancy tactical shooter game. Will it be Sledge, Montagne, I.Q., Thatcher or Glaz? Find out right now!

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    During a siege, which of these would most likely be your infiltration method?
    During a siege, which of these would most likely be your infiltration method?

Comments (21)


672 days ago
I got sledge even though I like ash way more
761 days ago
soo i got i.q which just so happens to be my favorite character to play
786 days ago
i agree, montagne suits me
1043 days ago
I got Sledge, also ,Outbreak wise, Smoke and Kapkan are technically attackers.
1301 days ago
I guess smoke and Kaplan are Attacker’s?
1303 days ago
i got sledge 2 times
1307 days ago
Glaz. Yeah, that's seems about right.
1316 days ago
wow my favorite attacker is kapkan omg !!! what a great attacker !!
1323 days ago
Because smoke and Kapkan are attatckers.... You make no sense test
1573 days ago
Pp wow so cool I am sledge
1635 days ago
I picked ztronv and quick pistol got sledge says I like sniper
1673 days ago
1679 days ago
Where was clutch up cause everyone on my team is a roamer option??? XD
1735 days ago
I am part of the 4% that get glaz
1753 days ago
got smoke. yes. thats my main.
1793 days ago
they should add white noise and chimera
1796 days ago
Sledge My main. I got him
1797 days ago
I got the LORD Tachanka
1813 days ago
wheres hide, camp and whimper in a corner?
1822 days ago
Well I got thiiccccc or IQ