Obsessed With 'Animal Crossing'? Find Out Which Character You Are!

Which character from the awesome game, "Animal Crossing" are you the most like? Are you meanie Tom Nook or shy and pretty Sable? Are you perhaps the confident Kappn or hilarious Isabelle? Or...are you the eternally sad Dr. Shrunk?:( Try my quiz now and find out!

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    Which fruit would you most love to eat?

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74 days ago
For 60% you are: You are Dr. Shrunk! You have had a tough life and cannot handle the human touch:( You have collected the emotions you lost due to your emotionally stunted childhood. You have a failed comedy career and cannot even make a baby smile. This is so sad. Your comedic flair might not be intact and all you want is a little love. Try again! You can make things better for yourself!
37% of 4563 quiz participants had this profile!

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90 days ago
This is rigged ugh I wanted to get something good
224 days ago
Is this quiz just dr shrunk
242 days ago
I got dr. Shrunk but I'm extremely funny
256 days ago
Is every answer Dr. Shrunk. I took the quiz like seven times and kept getting him
263 days ago
I got Shrunk too. And I'm GOOD with kids!
269 days ago
Is every result just dr.shrunk? 🙄
701 days ago
I see what you did that low