TCOL: Which is YOUR main element?

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In which being from The Choice Of Life-universe will you turn into?

Thousands of years ago, the god Yasat created the Cloud World to give the souls of humans the chance to start a new life.
Each soul exists out of five elements: Water, Fire, Energy, Earth and Air.
When a human soul passes into the Cloud World, the souls are given a new body and one can turn into either a demon, angel, ghost, god or erdine. Depending on your personality and lifestyle, one element will be most pronounced in your soul and so determine your species.

Each element is matched to a species. So if your main element is water, you will become an angel. If its fire, you will become a demon, energy you might become a god, earth will turn you into an erdine and air into a ghost.
With having your specific primary group, you will gain great powers.

Angels can heal, demons can regenerate, ghosts can shapeshift, erdines can hear thoughts and gods can create anything out of thin air.

So take the test and find out your main element!

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186 days ago
i got energy
741 days ago
I got energy!
742 days ago
Soo I’m Air, nice 😁