ROBLOX RULES! Which Royale High Character Are You?

Love Royale High? Royale High is one of Roblox's most famous games ever. Some players love to role-play as certain characters. Take my quiz and find out which character you'd role-play as the best - Billie, Callum, Lena, Lucy or Rose. Hope you get your favorite, but they're all awesome choices.

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    Which of these kinds of outfits do you usually wear? Pick the closest.
    Which of these kinds of outfits do you usually wear? Pick the closest.

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303 days ago
I got Rose! A girly girly girl who loves pink ^^
321 days ago
I got Billie 50%
Imma girl btw
And it rlly goes well with me
324 days ago
Color thing don't work V.V
-Roblox - kykyanimecutie
324 days ago
I got Billie! (But I'm a gurl) and $Billie Eillish$
335 days ago
i got callum aswell and im a girl
339 days ago
i got callum.

Im a girl.

🍦 you serious
345 days ago
I got Billie too its literally the only thing u can get
379 days ago
Im just saying but i think u can only get billie
381 days ago
I'm 30% Billie ooooooh 😬😄😄😄
425 days ago
The questions are very fun and when im in the car i play these royale high games lol
425 days ago
Oop i didn’t mean to weite that i was seeing what it was lol
430 days ago
Uhhh b I'm not a boy
500 days ago
I’ve been reading the comments here and have seen a lot of people wanting to friend me on Roblox, so imma drop my socials here and you can add me!

Roblox: Watermelon_glitter (I quit Roblox in May this year, so I won’t be online)

TikTok: axolotlmom1

YouTube: bluedino3

Thank you so, so much for the insane amount of takers this has had over the years! I can’t believe I’ve managed to get the “Our Choice” badge as well! I’ve looked into the quizzes under the name Watermelon and I can confirm that I am the real creator! I can’t believe how much recognition this quiz has had, and I had no idea!
500 days ago
500 days ago
This comment won’t make sense to a lot of people, but this is my quiz! My comment number is different to before because I have a different phone now. I completely forgot that I ever made this! If anyone has any questions, feel free to leave them here!
500 days ago
Hi, I’m genuinely not trying to claim that this quiz belongs to me, but there’s a chance it does, I made many quizzes on this site between 2018 and 2019, but I don’t remember the usernames I used at the time. If someone else made this, can they please let me know because i’m not sure :)
508 days ago
ROBLOX RULES! Which Royale High Character Are You?

For 30% you are: You are Callum! Popular, handsome, and always on-trend, you know how to get the girls as prom dates! You have many friends, but some of them are fake, so watch out! You always try to see the good in people, but you aren't always perfect yourself. That's OK - most of us aren't!
8% of 13202 quiz participants had this profile!

1: I’m not a boy
2: my friends are not fake (I hope)
512 days ago
512 days ago
ROBLOX RULES! Which Royale High Character Are You? - Test results
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ROBLOX RULES! Which Royale High Character Are You?
For 40% you are: You are Billie! You are usually moody and quiet. But even though you seem standoffish, you are never rude to others. People near you have come to accept who you are, and you have a close circle of friends who understand and accept what you're like.
16% of 13145 quiz participants had this profile!
512 days ago
You are Rose! You are an extremely girly girl who adores the color pink. You love flouncy dresses, loads of makeup, and fancy shoes. You sometimes annoy people who aren't into the same things as you (just like the rest of us!), but you are nice and get on with most people. t r u e. I adore the color pink I am girly i love flouncy dresses I love makeup I love fancy shoes I annoy some people I am nice I get along with lots of people