ROBLOX RULES! Which Royale High Character Are You?

Love Royale High? Royale High is one of Roblox's most famous games ever. Some players love to role-play as certain characters. Take my quiz and find out which character you'd role-play as the best - Billie, Callum, Lena, Lucy or Rose. Hope you get your favorite, but they're all awesome choices.

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    Which of these kinds of outfits do you usually wear? Pick the closest.
    Which of these kinds of outfits do you usually wear? Pick the closest.

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581 days ago
You are Billie! You are usually moody and quiet. But even though you seem standoffish, you are never rude to others. People near you have come to accept who you are, and you have a close circle of friends who understand and accept what you're like.

t r u e-
and am very moody and quiet-
and yeah i do have a little group of very close friends :)
589 days ago
ROBLOX RULES! Which Royale High Character Are You? - Test results
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ROBLOX RULES! Which Royale High Character Are You?
For 40% you are: You are Rose! You are an extreme girly-girl who adores the color pink. You love flouncy dresses, loads of makeup and fancy shoes. You sometimes annoy people who aren't into the same things as you (just like the rest of us!), but you are nice and get on with most people.

one i dont wear dresses two i dont like pink three i try not to annoy people four ... i wear sneakers and five i dont wear makeup :/ not the most accurate
592 days ago
I love royale high school
620 days ago
I got Callus even though I never will date;-;
627 days ago
sorry :)
LOL it says I have to add 19 characters alrighty then
627 days ago
LIES! that is not true. I got rose, and the only thing they got right on that is that I annoy people because i'm diff but otherwise THEY PICKED THE EXACT OPPOSITE
632 days ago
I got Billie! That is my personality! MyAwesomePandaBear is my Roblox username, you can send me a friend request and we can play Royale High together sometimes!
633 days ago
omg i got rose that is wrong I do not like pink and I am not girly
633 days ago
they have a test for this too? another reason why i got lucy ...
635 days ago
I’m Billie and this describes me PERFECTLY irl and in RH! I’m a loner and never really speak to people.
640 days ago
For 30% you are: You are Callum! Popular, handsome, and always on-trend, you know how to get the girls as prom dates! You have many friends, but some of them are fake, so watch out! You always try to see the good in people, but you aren't always perfect yourself. That's OK - most of us aren't!

Umm first i'm a girl and second I am NOT popular I have 3 true besties.
653 days ago
hi this was not anything near my outfit i got two boys and one girly girl i am a 100% tomboy lol
658 days ago
Hi everyone :>
668 days ago
Im lenaaaa ✨ apparently only 2% of ppl who took this got lena
701 days ago
sorry for typing a lot ;-;
701 days ago
yeahh soo my type is casual...
701 days ago
701 days ago
Uhh i got 40% soo i got billie...
708 days ago
i got rose and i am a girly girl so they some how know what type i am!
709 days ago