ROBLOX RULES! Which Royale High Character Are You?

Love Royale High? Royale High is one of Roblox's most famous games ever. Some players love to role-play as certain characters. Take my quiz and find out which character you'd role-play as the best - Billie, Callum, Lena, Lucy or Rose. Hope you get your favorite, but they're all awesome choices.

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    Which of these kinds of outfits do you usually wear? Pick the closest.
    Which of these kinds of outfits do you usually wear? Pick the closest.

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980 days ago
I got rose- the only accurate part is that i love pink
982 days ago
it was all right! :3
1009 days ago
ugh, i got callum and im rose, im a girly girl, and i never even go to royale high i only go to sunset island and my apaartments i dont talk to people and i am a girly girl but NO I am not a boy (
1038 days ago
yay im callum -_-
at least not rose,right?
1041 days ago
I suffer from the problem that not all accessories appear when exchanging with someone
How to solve the problem?
1046 days ago
i got rose..
i got rose..i got rose..i got rose..
1070 days ago
How did I get Rose? I put no answers that had anything to do with girly girls, except to dye my hair pale blue. It said pale pink or pale blue, but I just wanted blue! :(
1071 days ago
Umm I got Rose a "girly girl" my royale high out is more "emo" but its cute soo idk this test is really wrong in my opinon
1074 days ago
I got Callum im a girl how do I Change the settings into a girl?
1085 days ago
I got Callum ;-; I'm a girl ya know,but everything they said was true so i guess im a calluma xD
1097 days ago
I’m. So lonely I’m never spoken to xD
1109 days ago
i got Rose i dont like pink ( but i like pale pink ) i dont like makeup it feels weird
im just a little bit annoying, this test was really confusing the words that you need to answer is CONFUSINGGGG
1123 days ago
i got callum which is apparently popular but i literally said everyone disrespects meh
1127 days ago
Yo, I’m a boy who dresses like an emo, yet I got Rose who is a girly-girl. Not accurate but I guess I’ll take it.
1129 days ago
Oof i am Callum but I don't even know how to get the girls XD But i'm not les btw but the Callum kinda fit me
1129 days ago
Ima try this again
1174 days ago
I got Callum. It's like me but a girl.
1188 days ago
So, I mean, I'm a gurl, and I got a guy, not accurate, but it could be worse.
1188 days ago
Well now I know not to trust quizes. This didn’t get my personality in royale high. I do not adore the color pink, since people don’t talk to be in the game how can i be annoying?! I like to wear shorts and NOT dresses.
1196 days ago