Sonic the Hedgehog? Who Are You Again?
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Sonic the Hedgehog? Who Are You Again?

Everyone's got their favorite Sonic character. But, who are you most like?

Question 1:What's your favorite food?
Whatever I want, once I've conquered this worthless planet!
Hmph. Food? Eat this! Chaos Spear!
Chili Dogs
Who cares? Sonic's so cute.......

Question 2:What's your favorite song?
I love, "Escape from the City"
Hmm...... Most rap's pretty good....
I like things from the 1950's. Or at least, I did.
Any love song is fine with me!
How about, "Eggman's Got the Whole World in His Hands"?

Question 3:When you have a problem, you:
Go away with the assistance of a magic emerald you have with you.
Whack it over the head with a hammer.
Beat it into the ground.
Talk your way out of it.
Send a million robots after it in over a dozen games and still fail to destroy it.

Question 4:Your favorite video games are:
Fighting games.
Sonic games.
Racing games.
There's no time to play games!
The Sims, Civilization, etc.

Question 5:In your free time, you:
Show off.
Stalk someone older than you that you wish would go out with you.
Devise plots to conquer the world.
Beat up losers who try to steal your stuff.
I don't have free time these days.

Question 6:In your opinion, you are:
Cute and kind.
Future ruler of the world.
A guardian of something precious.
A person who loves adventure.
The world's Ultimate Life Form.

Question 7:What is your best skill?
Getting a certain someone to like you.
Building things.
Treasure hunting.
Running faster than that stupid Faker.

Question 8:What do your thoughts revolve around?
World domination.
Fighting, protecting.
Sonic the Hedgehog......
Enjoying yourself.
Revenge, and days long-past.

Question 9:How old are you?
Older than I look.
None of your business.
9 or so.

Question 10:Finish this Phrase: This world is made of:
Pigeons, ripe for the conquering!
Other people.
Love and Peace!
Sadness and sorrow......

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