Which Mario and Luigi final boss are you?

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Cackletta Shrowser Dark Bowser Dreamy Bowser or paper Bowser? Time to find out!

  • 1
    If you had to choose a favorite Mario and Luigi game what would it be?
  • 2
    Pick a quote!
  • 3
    Pick a favorite villain:

  • 4
    Who would you attack first?
  • 5
    If you fight one boss and had to fight the boss before or after who would it be?
  • 6
    What best describes you?

  • 7
    Pick who you want to be
  • 8
    Where would fight?
  • 9
    Pick a title
  • 10
    And lastly pick a person to fight

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689 days ago
I am Cackletta! La la la la!
691 days ago
I have to tell my sister to take this make a which song are you quiz!Nice!!!!!!!!!MYname isELSA !
691 days ago
You’re the best!Please tell me when it is ready (I changed my name.)
691 days ago
I just finished the quiz I am waiting for it to be included on the website.
691 days ago
No worry’s Elsa I will make one as soon as I can.😊 anyway... what do you want? Shrowser is nice I am going to make a Undertale quiz for Undertale fans. So yeah.
691 days ago
Shrowser I am ShrowserId you make a Frozen quiz that would be great!
691 days ago
Nice quiz! How did you make it?Please make another quiz!How about a Frozen one?Thank you!
692 days ago
Can you please leave comments here! I am the creator of the quiz and it is original as far as I know...PLEASE COMMENT OR ELSE...(sorry...) btw my nickname on this website is Dark Cackletta!
693 days ago
80 percent of the 15 quiz participants were Dark Bowser... ✅
694 days ago
How many people got Dark Bowser? I don’t know how many...
705 days ago
Hi please leave your comments here I worked hard please rate it(by the way I am sure so many people are dark Bowser.