Which Sims game are you?
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Which Sims game are you?

Find out which one of the five Sims expansion packs you are most like.

Question 1:Who would you tell you most embarrassing secrets too?
Your best bud
Your new friend you met at the beach
Your agent
Your pet dog
Your date

Question 2:Where do you work or want to work?
Waiter at a fancy restaurant
Pet store
Cruise director

Question 3:Which Sims game do you play the most?
Hot Date
House Party

Question 4:Who do hate?
Anyone who ruins your vacation
Annoying fans
Party poopers

Question 5:What do you wear to a party?
A shirt you found on Vacation
Whatever you wore in your latest film
Latest fashion or whatever everybody else is wearing
Something sexy
Something with dog hair all over it

Question 6:Who do you love?
An animal lover
Someone romantic
Your cute co-star
A social bird
A vacation fan

Question 7:What is your favorite car?
Whatever is best for carpooling
Anything with extra space in the back
Anything with luggage space

Question 8:What is your favorite vacation spot?
A romantic getaway
The beach
Concerts around the U.S.

Question 9:Where do you live?
A big house with lots of property
A mansion
A house with a guest room
Anywhere with a driveway
A house for two

Question 10:Who is your favorite celebrity?
Anybody who doesn't wear fur
Anybody on tour
Whoever is hot this week
Somebody wild
Somebody good-looking

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