Am I A True Yandere?

Do you know how it feels to be broken? Are you too deeply in love to cope? Will you simply DIE without him? Do you muse over whether you might be psychotic? This test will tell you if you're a true Yandere, like me. Take it now...if you REALLY want to know.

  • 1
    Do you have a crush on anyone? And if so, does he have a girlfriend?
  • 2
    How much do you like him?
  • 3
    Are you broken? (Depression, bipolar disorder, traumatic childhood, any other mental illness?)

  • 4
    Do you stare at him?
  • 5
    Do you stalk him?
  • 6
    Do you enjoy violence?

  • 7
    What are your thoughts when you are angry?
  • 8
    Do you want to kill anyone?
  • 9
    Do people talk to you?
  • 10
    Last question: How much do you need him?

Comments (295)


12 days ago
my crush is my bestfriend on roblox sometimes i have daydreams i kill people that have a crush on him or talk to him really close.HE.IS.MINE.HAHAHAHA im such a yandere.
22 days ago
My sister is a yandere I’m tsunder
25 days ago
i am an introvert so i dont shousalize with different kinds of people
25 days ago
Yes,I am yandere..I think like that too
32 days ago
i just wanna see if ima yandere
47 days ago
Lmao, I'm just here to see if my character stays yandere throughout my story kms
47 days ago
god all of these comments are filled with edgy 13-14 year old kids thinking that murder is cool even though they probably can’t even ask for extra ketchup when they go to a restaurant 😟
51 days ago
i would die without snepai she is my life ( im also female ) but she has a minecraft babe and ill kill them...
52 days ago
Kate Kate Kate shes all i think about shes my girlfriend but doesn't know it yet i love her a lot shes mine i need her shes the one that keeps me going when i want to kms i think about what she would feel if i did that and i don't kms and i love her your my little noodle and i'm your little mochi ily Kate
61 days ago
i love how obvious it is on which ones to choose lol
72 days ago
(trigger warning)

i would ✨d!e✨ without my best friend, seeing as he is quite literally the only thing holding me back from ending my life-
so yeah thats how its goin for me-
72 days ago
Im a yandere time to die Hinata Hyuga and Naruto is mine
75 days ago
There are different types of Yanderes. I'm a Worshiper. She is perfect in every way and I'm scum. I keep thousands of pictures of her on my phone and I draw her constantly. My darling Monica~
76 days ago
Me a tsundere too btw
79 days ago
I'm lesbian btw. :) LGBTQ+ 4ever!
79 days ago
82 days ago
sometimes when others come around my girlfriend I’ll get so angry I feel like killing them so they don’t to try break up us
82 days ago
when I get angry I feel like murdering someone
84 days ago
84 days ago
I was also a bit traumatized as a kid because my mom’s bf threatened to set my sister and I on fire in the car when my mom was at the bank. My moms bf also bit my sister and Socrates me hard on the back until we both had injuries that would stay for a few months.