Witch, Wizard, or Muggle
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Witch, Wizard, or Muggle

Do you want to know if you have magic blood in your veins? Take my Harry Potter Quiz and find out!

Question 1:How many - if at all - has an archenemy of yours been injured after a fight by an unknown cause?
0 times
1-3 times
4-5 times
5-7 times
8 or more times

Question 2:How far up an object have you been on before you fallen and not been injured?
0-1 feet
2-10 feet
11-25 feet
26-50 feet
51 feet or higher

Question 3:Have you ever made an object _____ without trying?
do nothing whatsoever magical
Change colour

Question 4:What happens when, for example, you read Wingardium Leviosa?
something floats: 2 cm. off the ground
3-5 cm off the ground
6-8 cm of the ground
9 cm or higher

Question 5:When a teacher gets up to say another lecture you-
nothing else happens
She slips and falls from nothing
Her hair turns a different colour
Her desk explodes

Question 6:When a humongous dog is chasing you, how do you get away?
normally, or sometimes I don't
you close your eyes, imagine your home, open them, and you are
your feet start to float
The dog vanishes

Question 7:When you close your eyes for a long time, you mostly see-
nothing but a bunch of blotched colours
4 colours
3 colours
2 colours
1 solid colour

Question 8:You mostly have night mares about haunted-
mansions - or mini castles

Question 9:Who or what's there usually in your nightmares?
Professor Snape
Other or no one

Question 10:What percent sure are you that Harry Potter is real?
0 percent

This Quiz has been designed by Derek Langendorfer.