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What is your Harry Potter Blood-Status?

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Title says it all!

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    Hogwarts House?
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  • 3

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    Favorite teacher?
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    Least favorite teacher?
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    Worst fear?
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    How you like this quiz?
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    Bye! Have fun at Hogwarts!

Comments (29)


708 days ago
Ie got Muggle! Mudblood and Proud of it!
854 days ago
I'm a half blood Slytherin! Yep Slytherin u read that right
909 days ago
I'm halfblood....... Me: 50% believe Hogwarts is real % 50% believe is N.O.T!!!
1086 days ago
Hehehe....I got Muggle born...and Iā€™m a Gryffindor so...hehe
1216 days ago
I thought I was muggle-born....... HAVE MY PARENTS BEEN KEEPING FROM ME FOR 12 YEARS THAT I'M PUREBLOOD!!!!!!!!!!?????????jk I know its not real
1251 days ago
pureblood yes thought so
1275 days ago
awww look at us, spamming the entire comments together. We are already bonding!
1275 days ago
Pureblood, clearly this quiz knows me.
1300 days ago
Half blood uwu((being))
1321 days ago
Me:Half-Blood cool! *watching Deathly Hallows while doing quiz and on timing: Ron:Always the tone of surprise.wow
1323 days ago
Wow i'm 40% pure-blood slytherin
1341 days ago
I got MUGGLE-BORN!! Iā€™m not to happy but Iā€™m like hermione at least!
1382 days ago
30% half-blood and 30% muggle-born.
1386 days ago
Well I'm a pure blood Slytherin.
1390 days ago
I'm also a muggle born Ravenclaw
1396 days ago
Muggle-born Ravenclaw! I don't know how I'm friends with a pure-blood!!!
1407 days ago
im ofcourse a pure blood slytherin
1416 days ago
Pure Blood Hufflepuff
1424 days ago
half blood gryffindor cooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooool
1434 days ago