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You have just entered the realm of the obsessed Harry Potter fan. We're glad you're here! And you will be, too, when you see the cool Harry Potter character and personality quizzes you can take in this section.
There's something here for every Potter fan (and we're always adding quizzes, so keep checking back). For example, here you can find out your patronus...which female character you are (including how Hermione Granger you actually are!). There's a quiz to tell you which Harry Potter creature you that reveals which Death Eater you are...and several to simply determine which Harry Potter character (including which Hogwarts professor) you are. Or maybe you're wondering which wand you'd be given? Find out here!
Some obsessions you probably shouldn't feed (picking at your face, maybe? Stop that! :). But happily, a Harry Potter obsession is one that's always encouraged! Start here, take all our Harry Potter quizzes and check back regularly to see if we've added any new ones...because we like to keep our Harry Potter fans happy!

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12 days ago
Hey all. I'm Gryffindor! Seeker, with a crush on one of Ron's brothers. ( I'm giving no names)
Best friends with the golden trio, if you get what I mean. My patronus is a cat. See you at Hogwarts!
12 days ago
I'm a Slytherin, every test I've taken says so, but definitely no complaints here. See you later mudbloods!
55 days ago
I am in hufflepuff. That is what all the tests say, it is right! I am the kindest person in my family! My little cousin drives his car over my foot and he is 6! My sister is in Gryffindor and I KNOW that my little cousin is in slytherin!
77 days ago
I got grifindor but evryone tells me i am hufflepuff
87 days ago
I am in Hufflepuff(YAY!). My brother and sister are in Gryffindor.
89 days ago
I am a Ravenpuff but I would choose Ravenclaw 😊🥳🤩👍🌈🍓
114 days ago
Hello and my house is all Syltherin and Griffendor and Hufflepuff and for some reason I guess the test app crashed or something but it said Gritherpuff Odd right ?
122 days ago
I took the friend test and I'm friends with a bunch of friends including...Draco, Pansy, Goyal, Crabbe, and i got Lavender and Angelina too!
122 days ago
I got a..Thestral? as a patronus Um that was unexpected but its the 2nd most rare Patronus wow i just sherched that on the internet wow the Thestral
125 days ago
that is really funny Jessica P.S I am a Hufflepuff and i have taken every Harry ptter test on here so far and i just finished all of the Harry Potter books this summer and the movies so now i am taking the tests and I aced the Deathly Hallows
133 days ago
Hey guys, I just told my friend a really funny Harry Potter joke she dosen't even know Harry Potter. Here goes:

Me: Knock knock
Gemma: Who's there?
Me: You Know
Gemma: You Know Who?
Me: Having a severe case of ROTFL (Rolling On The Floor Laughing)
Gemma: I don't get it
Me: *Wiping off tears of laughter* Most people in the world of Harry Potter say You-Know-Who because they are scared of this evil guy named Voldemort- (suffering by another case of ROTFL and getting up again) And I said 'Knock knock' and you: 'Who's there?' And me 'You know' And you: 'You Know Who?'
Gemma: Oh.
Me: Got to stop off by toilet excuse me!
Gemma *Grabs her dog (Yes I had a playdate with her)* I'll get Harry (Name of dog) And Carmel *Grabbing Carmel, her other dog* Now, I'll bring them outside so we can play catch with them
Me: K.

XD, funniest moment on Earth
139 days ago
i don't like this site
145 days ago
HUFFLEPUFF if you know what im talkin bout
156 days ago
I’m totally hufflepuff. Everyone who knows what that’s memes knows
177 days ago
Slytherin chaser with a crush on Ron's brother hehe
198 days ago
hell yeah! Im in slytherin!
241 days ago
how tf am I Ravenclaw-
267 days ago
I’m in Syltherin! Hi Draco, my love
353 days ago
I’m slytherin—no duh there. I took the tests like 20 times 🐍🐍🐍
364 days ago
gryfindor ay!!!