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Are you a noble order member or a greedy death eater?

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    You come across the boy who lived in a dark alley. He says he is lost. What do you do?

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78 days ago
I would feel bad but I would think that there is nothing I could do so I walk pass with feeling bad
436 days ago
436 days ago
For 33% you are: Congratulations! You are thinking highest rank of death eater. You are the master of unforgivable, and an expert torturer. You don't take any unnecessary prisoners, and when you do... well...

I was rooting for Voldemort under all da movies XD
514 days ago
For 40% you are: You are an amazing order member. You are possibly an equal to several high ranking Death Eaters in a duel. You are just and good, and have a strong sense of right and wrong.
52% of 3269 quiz participants had this profile! Profile A

You could also get this result:
For 27% you are: You are an order member! I mean, you're not like Dumbledore or Mad Eye Moody but you have chosen the right side. Profile B

Or even this one:
For 20% you are: You have proved yourself to be neutral. You don't like taking sides until the last minute, and would prefer to stay in your dorm and finish your charms homework. Profile C

Or even this one:
For 7% you are: You have been recently chosen by Bellatrix to join the death eater ranks. You aren't the greatest at unforgivable yet, but you may prove an uncanny ally in the future. Profile D

umm.... okay?
575 days ago
highest rank of death eater it sayshighest rank of death eaterhighest rank of death eater
920 days ago
One third neutral, one third normal order person, 20 high order peep and 13% highest death eater lol I'm so spread out.
1012 days ago
Highest ranking death eater. Would side with Voldemort any time
1447 days ago
I am ranked a death eater
1567 days ago
I like Harry Potter
1629 days ago
Yay! I'm an amazing order of the pheonix, smiles- come join my fellow slytherins!
1754 days ago
Wow,i like harryPotter but now i don't sorry
1888 days ago
Order of the Phoenix, Pottermore result Gryffindor, wish Dumbledore's Army was on the list, hey, aren't you the person who told Malfoy and me to stop arguing over silly House points?
1897 days ago
80 % amazing order member, 20% order member,0 % other! Awesome, mate! I can kill Voldemort in no time! Congrats Hermione.e (I'm in Gryffindor)
1901 days ago
I'm an amazing Order of the Phoenix member. Hope to see you Gryffindor and Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs joining me! Maybe trustworthy Slytherins. :-P
1978 days ago
im the dark lord's heir XD