What the characters of Harry Potter think of you!

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So, you like Harry Potter? Maybe Luna Lovegood? Find out what they think about you, I don't promise good news...

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    Hermione Granger: Hello there, welcome to Hogwarts. I hope you'll enjoy learning and making friends!
  • 2
    Cedric Diggory: Pleasure to meet you, what's your house?
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    Luna Lovegood: Do you like magical creatures?

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    Draco Malfoy: What do you think of me?
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    Fred and George Weasley: How do you like our pranks?
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    McGonagall: Are you a good student?

  • 7
    Remus Lupin: What is your Patronus?
  • 8
    Ron Weasley: Do you like sports?
  • 9
    Dumbledore: How would your friends describe you?
  • 10
    Harry Potter: Final question, what book was your favorite?

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53 days ago
omg everybody likes me:

Harry Potter: I plan to teach them some spells(Ok????)

Hermione Granger: I want to ask them out! (im a girl so it is just as friends.)

Luna Lovegood: I like to hang out with them, they don't call me Loony Luna!

Draco Malfoy: A good potion's partner, but I would never hang out with them

Fred and George: Excellent at pranks!(Thanks...i guess)

Cedric Diggory: I like pranking others with them(???)
355 days ago
1272 days ago
Cedric McHotness wants to date me HECK yes (apparently I’m also mean but it’s worth it for Cedric)
1275 days ago
Hermione wants to ask me out?! I guess I could be a lesbian for her :D
1275 days ago
Cedric wants to ask me out, and Draco (my HP crush) likes spending time with me!! ☺️ But I said nice things to Harry and Hermione, except Harry said I was mean and Hermione said she doesn’t like it when I call her a Mudblood, which I never did and which I never will do...😕