What does Draco Malfoy think about me? Quiz

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Have you ever wondered what the bad boy from the Harry Potter movies, Draco Malfoy, would think about you? Just answer these questions as precise and honest as possible and find out!

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    First of all, how do you look like?

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46 days ago
271 days ago
I get the same result every time it’s kinda annoying
521 days ago
Draco loves me!! (Not surprising)
695 days ago
yay! he likes me! and I'm a hufflepuff!
695 days ago
For 69% you are: ME: So, Draco, what do you think about her?… Draco?

D: Huh…?

ME: Are you still staring after her!

D: No, I`m not!

ME: yeah yeah, of course… so, what do you think?

D: well… she is…ehhm…cute…and…hell, beautiful…and her smile…

ME: Wow, I have never seen you like this! You seem to really like her, don`t you?

D: I guess so…I`ve just got the feeling she understands me and doesn`t judge me…and…she seems interesting and…fun to be around.

ME: So, what are you waiting for? Catch up with her and ask her if she`d like to see you again!

D: Yes…okay, I`ll do that! Bye!

ME: WOW, he must really like her, he appears to be a completely new person around her! And the way he looks at her!
750 days ago
He likes me 60 percent! Hmmmm wonder if he likes moi.........
779 days ago
Draco loves me! OMG...He is so hot.
779 days ago
Draco likes me...lol...he is so ugly
803 days ago
Oh no!!!!I got a "finally she is gone) :(
824 days ago
Yes I am a half blood BUTTTT i am half witch and half forest elf 🧝‍♀️
827 days ago
840 days ago
I mean I guess I talk a lot tho T^T
840 days ago
Me: she was a cute girl wasn’t she Draco? T-T
D: ...... T-T
Me: You don’t agree draco? T^T
D: Nah she was to self assured and talkative and annoying! She reminded me of the weaslys! She’d be right for potters little friends but not for me! T^T Draco how could u T^T
880 days ago
Hi, I'm Jordan Carter and I really like Draco's flying skills and how he reacts to everything. And I really love your hair and the color of it, the blond mixed with the white, now I'm not like all the other girl on here, out of my family I'm sneaky and sly, I can steal anything from my older sisters room and my older brothers room, but he is never really around anymore. I'm very very good at climbing and very good with weapons. Oh and by the way I'm in Slytherin too.
967 days ago
Ewwwww Draco N For 38% you are: ME: How did you like her?

D: She was cool…funny and sly and like… a real Slytherin. Guess I`ll keep in contact with, maybe we can become good friends.

ME: That’s all?

D: Yes… why?

ME: Just asking!

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972 days ago
Love it, but some of the descriptions dont match exactly !
980 days ago
The first questions does not relate to me
981 days ago
Hey, how did you like the test? I would be happy to receive some feedback ;)