Which Quidditch Position Should I Play?

Quidditch, a game beloved by witches and wizards around the globe, offers a thrilling blend of skill, strategy, and a dash of daring. From soaring Seekers seeking out the elusive Golden Snitch to nimble Beaters expertly defending their team, each position requires its own unique set of qualities and talents.
Are you ready to discover which position on the Quidditch pitch suits you best? Grab your broom, don your robes, and prepare to embark on a thrilling journey to determine your destined role in this high-flying sport.
Answer our questions with honesty and a pinch of magic, and together we shall unravel the Quidditch position that awaits you. Let's take flight and discover where your destiny lies on the Quidditch pitch!

  • 1
    Which of the following Muggle sports do you like best?
    Which of the following Muggle sports do you like best?
  • 2
    Draco Malfoy tries to hit your best friend with a leg-locker curse. You:
  • 3
    What is your greatest strength at Quidditch?

  • 4
    Do you play well under pressure?
  • 5
    You're a professor at Hogwarts. Dumbledore asks you to help protect the Sorcerer's Stone. You:
  • 6
    Marcus Flint almost knocks you off your broom. You:

  • 7
    Professor McGonagall assigns a group project during Transfiguration. You:
  • 8
    If you could change one thing about Quidditch, you would:
  • 9
    Professor Snape gives you a "T" on your latest potion because it is a "deep lavender" instead of a "light periwinkle." You:
  • 10
    Which element of Quidditch strategy excites you the most?

Comments (55)


157 days ago
40beater,20seeker, chaser keeper
897 days ago
this is a cool test I like it
942 days ago
50% keeper 😰😰😰 I'm terrible at being quick

0% seeker
980 days ago
980 days ago
I hate this ting because it says i spelled my name rong.I think Fred and Grorg cures it.
980 days ago
Cool Danielle.I have a spell book too but not Harry's.
980 days ago
Seeker.I like being seeker because My firend Harry Potter is seeker.Wonder wich pisison Ron wold play?
980 days ago
Im like harry becase i have his wand and spell book.
980 days ago
I got seeker.I think it is rigth because i took a diffrent quiz and got seeker.And i love Harry potter and he is a seeker.
1101 days ago
I'm Hufflepuff Seeker I'm gonna beat syltherien thats a promise and all the other houses and get the Quidditch cup
1101 days ago
Yeah I am a seeker this is great!!!
1144 days ago
40% Chaser!!!!! Lol i got 0% seeker i dont like that spot its so hard!
1150 days ago
Im a Slytherin chaser and quiz got it right
1189 days ago
I love harry potter and I've done all the quizzes .I rate it 1000 . in this quiz I got chaser .Plus harry is kinda cute imigo
1198 days ago
I am a seeker so proud of dat btw # sooooohappy
1222 days ago
i will beat you i am beater
1222 days ago
Plus Harry is kinda hot lmao 😊
1222 days ago
I am 50% a beater because I kinda lose my temper and like to beat things and 30% a seeker and 10% a chaser and 10% a keeper and I am pretty much Hermione so I hate Lavender Brown
1262 days ago
50 percent of me is a beater 30 percent of me is a chaser 10 percent of me is a keeper and another 10 percent of me is seeker
1278 days ago
yes i have got everything harry potter had like seeker