Which Harry Potter Quidditch position should you have?

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Find out if you are meant to play as a Keeper, Chaser, Beater or Seeker.

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951 days ago
OMG I am Gryffindor and seeker
1119 days ago
I am a Gryffindor!!! I am also a seeker!!!
1318 days ago
I'm also a Slytherin
1318 days ago
I got chaser not bad but I wanted seeker
1456 days ago
Cool, I got Chaser. My favourite spot in the team is Seeker but I always felt that I'm better suited for being either a Chaser or a Beater. So I was right. Btw, I;m a Gryffindor! Roar! LOL I love all the houses but I'm mainly like a Gryffindor and second most like Slytherin.
1480 days ago
I got Keeper!!! WHAT I WANTED!! By the way, I’m a ravenclaw!
1525 days ago
I wanted seeker but I got beater :-(
1554 days ago
((teal)Wanted Chaser but i got Seeker
1587 days ago
I am sorry but it gives you wot evvr u wont. I wanted chaser, I got it. Boojinan, pleas stop this!
P.S do you believe in boojinanism?
1613 days ago
Seeker? But I'm actually Chaser.
1635 days ago
I got keeper, Which is surprising cause I'm probably not good at that
1638 days ago
But I guess the ****
1638 days ago
I wanted to be a beateeeeeeerrrrr~~~~~~
But i guess the seeker is ok ... I guess...
1670 days ago
I think there should be more question
1706 days ago
You should play as Chaser! Chasers need to be good at teamwork, and for that they need to be social. You are one of the popular ones, whether you know it or not. You can be very competitive, and a bit of a show-off, but everyone loves you and thinks you are kind and friendly.
1706 days ago
Proud Gryffindor Seeker over here!
1835 days ago
I really should be seeker!!!!!
1923 days ago
This was a good quiz! I even got seeker like I had wanted! A little long, though.