The Sorting Ceremony
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The Sorting Ceremony

In this ceremony, you will answer a few questions to determine what kind of person you are and which house you belong in.

Question 1:If someone asked you to help them with their homework, what would you say?
Sure I'll help you, If you promise to return the favor one day!
Of course I'll help you! That homework was a little tricky, wasn't
Well, I don't think so. I worked really hard to get mine done. You
Well, I would help, but I myself have not finished yet. Why don't

Question 2:If you could bring any animal with you to school, what would it be?
An owl
A dog
A cat
A monkey

Question 3:What words (out of the following) do you think best describe yourself?
I'm intelligent, believe it or not.
I'm really ambitious.
I'm a liberal. Anything goes.
Well, I can't really say which words describe me.

Question 4:If you could do anything in the world, what would it be?
I would provide food for the starving and care for the sick.
I would stand up to all those leaders of the world who treat their citizens without dignity or care.
I would try to educate as many people as I possibly could so that
I would create a business that distributes food, so that not all people go hungry.

Question 5:What is your favorite plant?
The rose, never underestimate a plant because of it's beauty
The trees, maybe a great willow or a maple
The grass. It fills out all those blank spots where the flowers can't reach with the beauty of green
The Day Lily, blooms in the day, shuts at night.

Question 6:What do you think is the most important to our existence?
The Sun
The air

Question 7:What do you think of your friends?
They are like me. We share common interests, and always are always there for one another.
They are always there for me, and are great to have along on my little 'adventures'
All friends come and go. What's really important is to build your social skills while making them.
I love my friends, and would never betray them. I'm even willing to be the first to say 'sorry' when we have a fight.

Question 8:What is your preferred way of transportation?
Walking or running. It's the way we were meant to go really.
By car. It's fast and easy.
A bicycle. It's faster than walking, creates no pollution and you even get a little exercise along the way.
By broomstick, of course!

Question 9:If you could speak any second language, what would it be (answer your 3rd or 4th language if you already do)
Spanish. It seems most convenient.
Japanese, the language of the future.
French, the language of 'love'
Latin, it may be considered 'dead,' but it is the origin of most languages today.

Question 10:If you could live in any city, which would it be?
New York, NY.
Toronto, Ont.
Los Angeles, CA
Sudbury, Ont.

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