Harry Potter and The Sorting Hat !!!
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Harry Potter and The Sorting Hat !!!

Just what kind of Wizard are you ??? Take this test and find out where The Sorting Hat would have placed you - Hufflepuff,Gryffindor,Ravenclaw or Slytherin.

Question 1:You're walking in the woods when you come across a sleeping troll and wake him. What do you do ???
Try to confuse him.
Work out how to escape.
Retreat and protect your friends.
Fight him.

Question 2:A rude classmate takes the mickey out of your friend in class. How do you get revenge ???
Fire back a savage one-liner and make him/her look small.
Ask him/her to step outside for a fight.
Talk to him/her - ask why he/she is being so rude.
Note down the abuse and get him/her back later.

Question 3:You are caught out by Professor Flitwick, who tells you there is a charms exam at the end of the week. How do you get ready ???
Stay up long into the night and study hard.
Go to the top - ask the Headmaster to put the test back a bit.
Just relax - you'll remember most of it from lessons anyway.
Get together with your mates and test each other.

Question 4:You have a big Quidditch match coming up against the champions. How do you get ready ???
Spy on the opposition then cane their weakness.
Think Tactics. If you out-think them, you can beat them.
Keep training until you are sure you are better than them.
Put aside a few hours knockabout during the week with your tem-mates.

Question 5:It's the day of the big Quidditch match but you have lost your broomstick. What do you do ???
Keep quiet. Let someone else play in your place, so you don’t upset the team.
Retrace your steps in the hope you'll find it.
Follow your hunch that You-Know-who stole it and track them down.
Release the Bludgers, causing a confusion and giving you a chance to find your stick.

Question 6:Your hear mad noises coming from The Great Hall. Your head tells you to ignore them and go to the Common Room. What do you do ???
Head towards the Common room, then sneak away and go and have a look at The Great Hall.
Go to the Common Room and try to work out what the noise is.
Do nothing.
Ignore the head and sprint for The Great Hall to check it out.

Question 7:You've lost your magic wand in The Forbidden Forest and you need it for an exam in the morning. What do you do ???
Try to charm the Professor into moving the exam to another day.
Sneak out and find it.
Admit you've lost it to your Professor and hope for the best.
Get somebody else to tell the Professor you are feeling sick and can't make it to the exam.

Question 8:You wake up in the night and are confronted by your dreaded enemy Lord Voldemort. What goes through your head ???
If I plead with he spare me?
How can I trick him and escape?
How can I beat him?
Are my family safe?

Question 9:What is the best part about being a wizard ???
Learning as much as you can about being a wizard.
Becoming as powerful as possible.
Being able to protect your friends and family.
Being able to take on anything without fear.

Question 10:Finally if you had the choice, which Hogwarts House would you be in ???

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