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OKJ Sorting Hat

Do you belong to Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff or Slytherin? Get sorted to find out!

Question 1:How do you feel when you first get sorted?
A little nervous

Question 2:What is your favorite Hogwarts subject?

Question 3:What would you do if you had Potions homework due by the next day and you haven't started it, you:
Make up a good excuse, who cares about Snape!
Stay up all night doing it
This question wouldn't apply to me
Don't care, I'll just get away with it!

Question 4:You failed an exam, you would feel/do:
I wouldn't fail an exam!
Wonder how I failed an exam?
Oh well, I tried my best

Question 5:Would you ever use an unforgivable curse?
If I REALLY need to use it
Depends on who...

Question 6:Which Quidditch position would you try out for?

Question 7:Who is your favourite Hogwarts teacher?
Pro. Snape
Pro. Dumbledore
Pro. Sprout
Pro. Flitwick

Question 8:If you were to pick a special gift, which would you choose?
To be able to fly

Question 9:If you were granted one wish, it would be:
To destroy all evil
World peace
For everyone to have Wisdom
For me to rule the whole universe!

Question 10:If an ugly boy/girl that you didn't really like asked you to go to the Yule Ball with them, you would:
Tell them as delicately as you can that you don't want to go with them
Go with them, I wouldn't want to hurt their feelings
Tell them to get lost!
Make up a good excuse and tell them.

Question 11:If you found a bag of 1000 Galleons on the floor you would:
Return it
Donate it
Save it
Spend it all!

Question 12:If a Hungarian Horntail was chasing you and your friends you would:
Think up really good spells, curses or charms and use them on it
Tell my friends to run for their lives and get help while I fight it off on my own
Surrender my friends to it and run!!!

Question 13:Which quality is most important to you?
Loyalty and Hard work

Question 14:What is most important to you?
Winning and money!
Hard Work
My brains

Question 15:Which house would you least want to be in? (Doesn't mean you won't be in it)
Ravenclaw! I don't want to be the center of attention
Slytherin! Their evil minds are for no good!
Hufflepuff! Their a lot of duffers!
Gryffindor! They're teachers pet!

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