The Sorting Hat
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The Sorting Hat

See which House you are destined to be part of. Stick to this choice or else!!!

Question 1:If a friend of yours was in a secret tunnel and about to be caught by a teacher, what would you do?
Cover up for them, and then join them to see what lies at the end of the tunnel
Get them into trouble and then try the tunnel for yourself
Make signals to your friend to get out, but run when the teacher comes too close
Cover up for them and then scold them for being so stupid

Question 2:What would be your ideal gift?
101 spells - Volume XVI
A fluffy Hamster
Lab rats to experiment on
An invisible cloak

Question 3:What are your favourite colours?
Red and Yellow
Blue and grey
Black and Green
Pink and white

Question 4:What would be your favourite movie?
Silence of the Lambs
The Lord of the Rings
The Sixth Sense

Question 5:What's your lucky number?
All of them
You don't have one

Question 6:Your friend is going to get beaten up would you:
Join in
Shout petty abuse at the attackers and try and save your friend. But you end up getting beaten up yourself
Confront the would be attackers
Talk reason to the attackers

Question 7:If you failed your exams would you:
Cry and try again
Attack the exam moderator
Have a nervous breakdown
Sigh and try again

Question 8:Would you rather eat:
Fried salamander
Rice, vegetables and chicken
Oreo's with Beans and gravy
Corned beef mash

Question 9:Which name do your prefer?

Question 10:If you committed a crime would you:
Own up and work hard to repair damage you have caused
Feel really bad but own up and be good
Not own up but try and make up for your badness
Commit another crime

This Quiz has been designed by Hanif Leylabi.