The Sorting Hat
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The Sorting Hat

Have you ever wanted to attend Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry? Have you wanted to find out what house you would be in? I have, and that's why I've designed this test! Take it to find out what Hogwarts House you would be in!

Question 1:Does popularity/fashion matter to you? Do you have to be well known and where brand clothing?
Of course not! Being popular is just dumb.
It matters a little bit.... I don't want to be made fun of, but I like to be unique.
Of course it matters! There is nothing like being popular!
NO! I don't need to be well known for my clothes! My intimidation gets most people to notice me.

Question 2:What special power would you like most to have?
The ability to control others!!!
The ability to talk to animals
The ability to be invisible
Super-strength! What else?

Question 3:What class do you think you would like the most?

Question 4:My favorite animal is...
A cute kitten, what else?
A big, ferocious, man-eating SLUG!
A little puppy dog.
An owl.

Question 5:How many times have you read the Harry Potter books?
Once, duh! Reading is just a waste of life.
Over ten times! I need the fifth book to come out! I NEED IT!
Around 5 times... I don't need to read it over and over again, I have other things to do.
Nearly ten; I'm working on it!

Question 6:Who do you think would be your best friend at Hogwarts?
My twin "sister", of course...
My best friend; we JUST found out that we were BOTH wizards!
I think that I'd meet someone I like in my house... Afterall, the Sorting Hat is putting me where I'll find others like myself.
Friends?! You're joking, right?

Question 7:Do you like to hunt?
NO! It's mean and inhumane!
Of course not! It's horrible! But, I have read that if we didn't hunt some species of animals would become over populated...
Heh... Hunt? I'm going out right now!
No! The poor little animals! When will people realize that animals have feelings, just like us?

Question 8:Who is your favorite character?
Malfoy! DUH!
Cedric... *Sniffle*
Hermione, of course! She is just like me!

Question 9:Do you day dream often?
Well, sometimes... But not that often.
Of course not! I don't have time to daydream! I'm fighting evil!
Well, yeah! I'm bowing down to my master, presenting him Ha--- Hey! Wait a minute!!!
Yes, ALL the time! I always seem to know what is happening in class, though.

Question 10:What is your favorite season?

Question 11:What is your favorite sport to play? (Heehee... Sorry, I'm running out of ideas!)
I'm not into sports much...

Question 12:Do you like to read?
No! Reading is for nerds!
Of course! I hate television... Books are brain food!
Books are great! But they aren't my life or anything...
I love reading! But I balance my time between reading and helping people!

Question 13:What is your favorite Mythical Creature?
The devil... heehee...
*Dreamily* A cute kitten with semi transparent butterfly wings and white on it's little feet...

Question 14:Are you a pure-blood?
Yes, and proud of it!!!
Yes, but it really doesn't matter.
No, half and half... But I don't care!
Muggle-Born, and proud of it! It doesn't take a pure-blood to do everything!

Question 15:What house do you WANT to be in? (This doesn't mean that you will BE in that house!)
Gryffindor, all the way!
Slytherin; I'm plain evil!
Well, according to the books I've read, I believe I'd be most suited in Ravenclaw...
I'm nice, I'm hardworking... I'll do anything anyone asks me! Hufflepuff, definitely!

This Quiz has been designed by Emily.