The Sorting Hat!
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The Sorting Hat!

Find out which Hogwarts house you belong in...

Question 1:When you get your Hogwarts letter how do you feel?
I knew it was coming. I'm completely confident.
Excited. Extremely surprised, if you're muggle born
Nervous. Stunned, if you're muggle-born!
Can't wait to start learning magic!

Question 2:As September 1st gets closer, how do you feel?
Sick with nerves!
Confident. You plan to rule Hogwarts by the end of your first day!
Slightly nervous but very excited!
You calm yourself down by reading through your new schoolbooks

Question 3:You're packing your trunk. What momentos do you bring with you from home?
Some photos, your favourite childhood books
Some really cool magical gizmo to impress and intimidate the other new kids!
Photos of all your family, friends, pets. And a teddy bear!
Special, personal things. A photo, a favourite toy, a gift from a friend.

Question 4:On the train you meet some new people. How do you introduce yourself?
You offer to help them with their luggage
You ask them whether their families are witches and wizards
You are quiet and look at the floor, waiting for them to talk
You try to sound pleasant and confident. First impressions count!

Question 5:You're sitting with a new friend when another person comes in. They catch a glimpse of a muggle newspaper in your friend's bad and leave, snorting "Mudblood!" What do you do?
Feel terrible for the person. You comfort them but are shaking yourself...
Stand up and leave. You didn't know they had a muggle newspaper!
Try to curse the rude snob! How dare he insult your friends!
Reason with your friend that some wizards are bad, and that blood means nothing.

Question 6:As you enter the Great Hall, you get your first look at the Hogwarts ghosts. How do you react?
You're scared. Ghosts can be strange things...
Can't wait to talk to one! But that one covered in silver blood looks a bit scary!
You jump. But you know its nothing to be afraid of.
Yawn. You have loads of ghosts in your castle

Question 7:It's the end of your first week at Hogwarts. What has been your favourite thing so far
I'm having great fun!
You've made some great friends
You've leaned loads of new spells
Your magical power is increasing. Some people are already scared of you...

Question 8:What makes a good Quidditch player?
Size, and the best broomstick!
Hard work
Tactical understanding

Question 9:Which would be your favourite classes in the first year?
Defence Against the Dark Arts and Flying
Transfiguration and History of Magic

Question 10:Which would be your LEAST favourite classes in the first year?
Transfiguration and Astronomy
I don't hate any classes!
Defence Against the Dark Arts and Herbology
Potions and History of Magic

Question 11:Which of these options would you be MOST likely to take in your third year?
Arithmancy and Care of Magical Creatures
Arithmancy and Ancient Runes
Care of Magical Creatures and Arithmancy
Muggle Studies and Divination

Question 12:Which of these options would you be LEAST likely to take in your third year?
Care of Magical Creatures and Divination
Muggle Studies
Arithmancy and Ancient Runes

Question 13:What do you think of Quidditch?
I love it, but I'm not a great player!
It's a very interesting sport. I'm not too bad at it.
It's great. I should be playing for my house, really!
It's AMAZING! I love it! And if I practice I can only get better and better!

Question 14:What blood do you have?
It doesn't matter. Blood has nothing to do with magical ability.
I've never thought about it. It's not important.
Pure blood. Of course. How dare you think otherwise!
Half. But some of my friends are pure blood, and some are muggle born.

Question 15:The Sorting Hat is thinking of placing you in Ravenclaw. What do you think?
I don't mind. Ravenclaw's supposed to be OK. Even if they're all cleverer than me...
I don't think so. Better than Hufflepuff, sure, but there's only one house for me!
Yes. I agree. I think I would like it there.
I suppose I could be happy there...

Question 16:The Sorting Hat is thinking of placing you in Hufflepuff. What do you think?
No way! ME? In HUFFLEPUFF? My family would kill me!
It could be worse. But I would beg to differ....
OK. That sounds good.
I suppose that might be ok. At least its not Slytherin...

Question 17:The Sorting Hat is thinking of placing you in Slytherin. What do you think?
Well, they may not be the nicest people, but they are successful...
Oh no! I'll be bullied!
No. Please no. I've heard terrible things...

Question 18:The Sorting Hat is thinking of placing you in Gryffindor. What do you think?
No! I'll have to live with mudbloods and muggle-lovers!
Yes! Gryffindor, please!
That won't be so bad.
Oh my. I'll end up in loads of trouble!

Question 19:Which House would be your second choice - you could be happy there, even if it wasn't the one you chose?
I trust the Sorting Hat to make the best choice. It hasn't gotten a decision wrong in over 1000 years!
I don't really mind.
Maybe Ravenclaw. Just promise me, not Slytherin!
There is only one choice for me. I know where I will be.

Question 20:Which House would you least like to be in?
I love muggles! I may even be muggle-born. I'd be miserable in Slytherin!
I am a superior pure-blood. I will leave if you put me in Hufflepuff!
I hate studying, so please not Ravenclaw!
I hate getting in trouble, so Gryffindor isn't for me!

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