Sorting Hat
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Sorting Hat

Find out which Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry House you belong in!

Question 1:What's your favorite color?

Question 2:What's your favorite animal?

Question 3:If your friend was trapped in a corner with a basilisk and you were near the door, you would...
run for your life.
put a spell on the basilisk to delay it and get help.
try to think of a clever way to trick the snake.
save your friend.

Question 4:When you're bored you...
try to help someone with their problems.
do random dares.
hang out with your friends.

Question 5:When a teacher assigns a huge project you...
start ASAP and finish the next day.
put it aside and decide to do it this weekend.
copy your friends ideas.
start brainstorming but don't finish until the last minute.

Question 6:Your friends would describe you as...

Question 7:What is your favorite sport?
Football (American)
I don't like sports.
Skiing/Surfing/Mountain Climbing

Question 8:What is your life long dream?
Be in politics.
Explore and see the whole world.
Go to an Ivy League school.
Do everything, try everything.

Question 9:If you were on dying, your last wish would be...
Happiness for all who knew you.
To always be remembered.
For your enemy to die/suffer.
That no harm will ever happen to your loved ones.

Question 10:What is the one thing you want to be remembered for?
Your kindness and generosity.
Making a huge impact on the world.
The great things you have done.
Your achievements in school.

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